Fortnite tease un crossover Mad Max pour la saison 3 : Furiosa arrive !

Fortnite Chapter 5, season 3, has begun teasing its « Wrecked » theme, with a recent image hinting at a post-apocalyptic setting.

New Mad Max Crossover

The upcoming theme appears to be a crossover with the new Mad Max prequel, as hinted by the spiked armor and « NITRO DROME » setup in the image.

A potential collaboration with Furiosa is on the horizon, especially with the giant sandstorm in the game reminiscent of scenes from Fury Road.

Possible Skins

If the crossover happens, players can expect skins inspired by characters like Furiosa and Dementus from the Mad Max franchise.

Speculation also includes the introduction of other Mad Max characters, such as OG Max and other Fury Road personalities.

Apocalyptic Universes Collide

Fortnite may incorporate elements from various apocalyptic fiction, with possibilities ranging from The Last of Us to Planet of the Apes.

While the Fallout crossover was successful, the Mad Max collaboration remains speculation until confirmed by leaks or official announcements.

We look forward to the potential launch of the Mad Max-based season in Fortnite and the release of the new Mad Max movie on May 24.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting crossover event!

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