Les fans de Fortnite pensent qu’une caractéristique de la saison OG a besoin de changements

Fortnite has brought back the Chapter 1 map and items pool

Fortnite has gone back in time to its OG theme, allowing fans to enjoy the Chapter 1 map and items pool for a month. The game will revert to its usual Chapters-and-Seasons system and continue with the start of Fortnite’s Chapter 5 Season 1 after this time travel comes to an end at the start of December.

However, some fans argue that this OG theme is outdated and that Fortnite shouldn’t return to its roots. Season OG has been a hit so far, but not every single feature or gameplay mechanic from Chapter 1 was superior to Chapter 4’s. For example, the lack of swimming in Chapter 1 has led to some unfortunate avoidable early-game deaths for returning players.

OG Shop limitations

While the OG Shop in Fortnite visually brings back memories of Chapter 1, it does have certain limitations. The shop has only one page with a small selection of items, which rotates every 24 hours, making it difficult for players to purchase individual cosmetics or real money packs. Additionally, many items only appear as part of bundles and can’t be bought separately, which has left some fans frustrated.

Since the Item Shop’s Special Items & Bundles tab is no longer available, the OG Shop also makes it harder for fans to access real money packs, such as Fortnite’s Infinite Drift Pack.

Reception of Season OG

Season OG has been a hit, with both Fortnite Battle Royale and Save the World reaching an all-time player count record. However, not everyone feels as positively about Chapter 1, and some gamers, whether they’re recent or OG players, simply don’t enjoy the changes and would rather not go back to Battle Royale’s roots. Thankfully for these players, Season OG won’t last long.

While this OG theme has received a mixed reception from fans, it has provided an opportunity for players to relive the nostalgic Chapter 1 map and items pool, although it has also highlighted the aspects of Chapter 4 that were more favorable to some players.

Source : www.bing.com