Aurora, le nouveau champion de League of Legends : Découvrez les premiers teasers !

LoL Aurora Champion Teaser Leaked on PBE

Aurora Champion Teasers

League of Legends has recently launched the 14.10 patch, introducing various changes such as new skins, the removal of Runes, and adjustments to items. However, alongside these updates, some teasers for the newest champion, Aurora, were leaked.

On the PBE, Riot revealed two main clues hinting at the new champion’s identity: an Icon and an Emote, both referencing the name Aurora. This has sparked speculation among players, with a subreddit named AuroraMains already created in anticipation of her release.

Leaked images suggest that Aurora is a female character dressed in cold weather attire reminiscent of snowboarding or skiing gear.

Riot had previously hinted at a “Vastayan solo-laning mid-range mage” from the Freljord region, whose outfit aligns with the wintry theme. It is likely that Aurora will find a place in the Top or Mid-lane in League of Legends.

When Will Aurora Come Out?

As of now, there is limited information available about Aurora’s release date or her abilities. Stay updated for further announcements as we uncover more details about this mysterious champion.

In Conclusion

These are the key details known about Aurora at present. Are you excited to play her? Share your thoughts with us. For more updates, visit the Mobalytics Blog.

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