Rockstar Games suggère-t-il GTA 6 avec une photo d’anniversaire ?

Rockstar Games continues to tease fans about the release of Grand Theft Auto Six, according to a viral thread compiling all the hints. As the fifth installment of the GTA series celebrated its tenth anniversary, the game makers took to social media to mark the occasion. However, one observant user discovered a subtle clue in the anniversary cover image that suggests the release of the sixth game is imminent. The image features a plane flying towards a ‘VI’ sign, which was not present in the original. Since the original post went viral, the user has continued to share more hints they believe indicate the release of GTA VI.

The hints pointing towards GTA VI

One of the hints revolves around a poster in GTA V for a musical called ‘Vice’, which suggests the introduction of male and female protagonists inspired by the notorious criminal couple Bonnie and Clyde. Another hint is found in the San Andreas Definitive Edition, where an image of a house in Miami, Florida that did not feature in the original game can be seen. Similarly, in the Vice City Definitive Edition, a pool shaped like the letter ‘R*’ has six points added to the map instead of the original five. These hints, along with others, have sparked speculation among fans about the release of GTA VI.

Reactions from fans

Since the hints were shared, fans have flooded the comments section with their thoughts. Some users caution against reading too much into the clues, while others believe that Rockstar Games deliberately included them to tease the release of GTA VI. The debate among fans underscores the excitement and anticipation surrounding the highly anticipated game.

Celebrating Grand Theft Auto V’s 10th anniversary

Grand Theft Auto V was originally released by Rockstar Games in 2013 and has since become the most financially successful media title of all time. To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Rockstar announced a special event in GTA Online, offering exclusive outfits and bonuses. The ongoing success of GTA V only heightens the anticipation for the next installment in the beloved franchise.

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