Fortnite ajoute des cotes d’âge pour les îles et des fonctionnalités de signalement vocal

Fortnite introduces new features to improve community safety

Fortnite has introduced two new features aimed at improving community safety for its players. The new features, voice reporting and age restrictions for user-created islands, are intended to enhance the overall gaming experience and ensure a safer environment for all users.

Voice reporting for improved user experience

The voice reporting feature allows users to submit audio evidence when reporting other users who are violating the game’s rules. By default, this feature is turned on for players under the age of 18, but older players have the option to customize it to be always on or « off when possible ». This new feature records five minutes of audio on a rolling basis, with only the most recent five minutes being attachable to a report. Epic Games emphasizes that they have no way of accessing any voice chat audio unless voice reporting is turned on and a participant submits a voice report.

Age restrictions and ratings for user-created islands

Fortnite is implementing age ratings from a user’s regional authority, such as ESRB-style ratings for U.S.-based users. These age ratings provide information about any problematic features of the game and its target audience. Additionally, specific in-game cosmetics are not compatible with certain age ratings and cannot be used on islands with these restrictions. This move is intended to provide parents and players with the information necessary to make informed decisions about the games and experiences available in Fortnite.

While these new features have been generally well-received, some players have expressed concerns about the restrictions on certain in-game cosmetics due to age ratings. Epic Games has assured players that they will work on making most of these outfits compatible with all age ratings over the coming year by having them auto-adjust their appearance based on the island where the game is being played.

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