Révélations sur le rôle de Wrathion dans WoW: Dragonflight

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Rôle de Wrathion dans l’extension Dragonflight de World of Warcraft

According to some official World of Warcraft storyboards, Wrathion was supposed to appear in the launch trailer for the Dragonflight expansion. Though most of the storyboard is the same as the cinematic, it seems World of Warcraft removed Wrathion from his scene somewhere between this early concept and its official launch.

Shortly before the expansion’s launch in November 2022, World of Warcraft revealed the launch cinematic for Dragonflight. Titled “Take to the Skies,” this high-flying CGI movie showed off some of the beautiful locations, creatures, and characters that would be featured in Dragonflight.

However, some recently-revealed storyboards have shown that the launch trailer was almost very different. Most of the scenes depicted in the storyboard are close to what players saw in the cinematic. That said, the scene debuting the Dracthyr was different; rather than Emberthal displaying Evoker abilities alone in a creche, it showed a Dracthyr, presumably Emberthal, sparring with Wrathion atop one of the towers of Valdrakken. Interestingly enough, the Dracthyr is wielding two swords – a feat that won’t be possible until World of Warcraft unlocks other classes for them in The War Within.

Considering Wrathion’s lineage to Neltharion and his work towards fixing the Black Dragonflight, fans expected him to be one of the most important characters in the expansion. He was featured prominently in promotional material, including on the loading screen, in the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight Collector’s Edition pin set and art book, and even in a premium statue. In Dragonflight itself, Wrathion has moderate roles in the Waking Shores campaign, the Embers of Neltharion campaign during Patch 10.1, and the Misfit Dragons quests in 10.2.

That said, between him surrendering his claim to being the new Black Aspect, the cancelation of his premium World of Warcraft statue, and now, his cut scene from “Take to the Skies,” his impact on Dragonflight ended up being less than most anticipated. It’s hard to say exactly why his role was diminished and his cinematic debut cut; it could be that WoW did not wish to show Dracthyr using weapons, as it was not the focus of the Evoker class, or a simple shift in the narrative direction of the expansion itself.

Either way, it seems like Wrathion was originally supposed to play a bigger role in WoW: Dragonflight. Fans of the Black Prince were overjoyed to see this snippet of their favorite character in the storyboard, but gutted that they didn’t get to see him appear in one of the gorgeous World of Warcraft cinematics. Now that the expansion is almost over, these players can only speculate on what Dragonflight would have looked like with Wrathion taking center stage.

Source : gamerant.com