Problème chez les fans de World of Warcraft avec l’ensemble Blood Troll de la boutique de troc

World of Warcraft fans are expressing their frustration with a new graphical glitch that is affecting the Blood Troll transmog reward from the Trading Post. This issue has caused disappointment among players who were excited about the cosmetic set.

The Problem

Every month, the Trading Post offers a free reward for World of Warcraft players who complete their Traveler’s Log tasks and earn the full Trader’s Tender allowance. In the August catalog, the reward is the Bones of the Bloodhunter transmog ensemble, which is inspired by the Blood Trolls from the Battle for Azeroth expansion.

However, fans have noticed that the bloody paint on Troll characters’ feet does not show up properly when they wear the foot accessories. The red coloration abruptly ends at the ankle, unlike on races with humanoid feet such as Humans and Elves. This means that regular Trolls and the Zandalari Allied Race are missing this key feature of the set.

The Reason

The reason behind this graphical glitch is quite simple. Playable World of Warcraft races with non-humanoid feet, such as the hooves of Tauren and Draenei, or the two-toed feet of the Troll races, do not render most of the foot armor they wear. This is due to the fact that player models are not coded to display these textures. On the other hand, Blood Troll NPCs use unique models that allow the bloody paint to be displayed on their feet.

Additional Glitch

In addition to the issue with the feet, the Bones of the Bloodhunter transmog set also has a bug with the belt. The belt model is incorrectly tied to the leg portion of the set for every race except Humans. This means that non-Human players who want to use just the belt or mix and match the transmog ensemble will find it looking incomplete or glitched.

Disappointment and Hope

Fans are understandably disappointed with these glitches in the Blood Troll set. Despite being designed primarily for Trolls, the set cannot be fully utilized by them. However, players have already managed to create impressive outfits for both Troll and non-Troll characters using these cosmetics. Hopefully, this glitch will be fixed soon so that Trolls can enjoy every part of this new ensemble.

World of Warcraft is currently available for PC.

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