Plongez dans l’histoire de WoW avec les romans officiels – ordre de lecture optimal

World of Warcraft is known for its deep and immersive lore that spans over 30 years of real-world history. Developers, writers, and « loremasters » have continuously expanded the story-rich worlds of Azeroth and beyond. If you want to enhance your WoW lore knowledge beyond the game itself, reading the official WoW novels is a great way to do so.

List of WoW Novels

Blizzard has been publishing books set in the World of Warcraft universe since the early 21st century. With over two dozen works set in Azeroth, you can easily immerse yourself in WoW’s lore. Below is a list of every WoW book published, starting from « Of Blood and Honor » in 2000 to the most recent « War of the Scaleborn » in 2023. Additionally, we have provided an ideal reading order based on the contents of the novels.

Title             Author             Year Published

Of Blood and Honor           Chris Metzen          2000

Day of the Dragon           Richard A. Knaak          2001

And so on…

Best WoW Novel Reading Order

Rise of the Horde

The Last Guardian

Tides of Darkness

And more…

While some WoW novels may be considered skippable, the order provided will guide you through the complete history of the game up to the present day. If you’re interested in delving into WoW’s history through books, following the order above is the most straightforward way to do so. Early novels cover crucial lore events predating World of Warcraft, while recent publications complement the ongoing story.

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