Phase 4 de la Saison de la Découverte de WoW Classic retardée

Phase 4 of Season of Discovery in WoW Classic Delayed


World of Warcraft Classic has announced a delay for Phase 4 of Season of Discovery, an experimental game mode introducing level cap raises and new content segments.

Season of Discovery Delay

Season of Discovery in World of Warcraft Classic is a game mode that brings significant changes to the Classic formula. Each segment of Season of Discovery raises the level cap and introduces new content. However, Phase 4 is currently delayed to ensure the endgame phase is well-balanced.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase Start Dates

Phase 1 started on November 30 and lasted for 10 weeks, Phase 2 began on February 8 with an 8-week duration, and Phase 3 started on April 4. The start date for Phase 4 is yet to be determined but is expected to be no earlier than June 6, possibly June 13 or 20.

Good News and PTR

Despite the delay, World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery will run a limited Public Test Realm for the runes and class changes in Phase 4. This will allow players to test new abilities and designs without revealing any surprises. Fans can expect substantial redesigns for many classes as they reach the level 60 endgame. Additionally, powerful Rune abilities will be added to various kits, offering fans something to look forward to.

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