Phase 4 de la Saison de Découverte de WoW Classic retardée

Phase 4 of Season of Discovery in WoW Classic Delayed

World of Warcraft Classic has announced a delay in Phase 4 of Season of Discovery. This delay is primarily to ensure that the endgame phase of Season of Discovery is well-balanced and does not conflict with other new releases from World of Warcraft.

What is Season of Discovery?

Season of Discovery is an experimental game mode in World of Warcraft that brings significant changes to the Classic formula. Each segment of Season of Discovery includes raising the level cap and introducing new content, with each phase lasting between 8 and 10 weeks.

Unfortunately, players will have to wait a bit longer for Phase 4 of Season of Discovery. In a recent post on the forum, it was announced that the next phase would be delayed for « several weeks ». Senior game producer Josh “Aggrend” Greenfield further confirmed this delay on Twitter.

WoW Classic Season of Discovery Phase Start Dates

Phase 1 started on November 30 with a 10-week duration, followed by Phase 2 on February 8 with an 8-week duration. Phase 3 began on April 4, and Phase 4 is slated to start no earlier than June 6, with June 13 or 20 being more likely dates.

The delay in Phase 4 comes after eight weeks since Phase 3 started in World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery. This places the earliest possible release for Phase 4 at June 6, but the update may take longer to prepare, potentially extending the release date to June 13 or even June 20.

Public Test Realm Announcement

In a first for World of Warcraft Classic Season of Discovery, a limited Public Test Realm will be available for the upcoming runes and class changes in Phase 4. Players will have the opportunity to test out their builds without spoiling any surprises. Many classes will receive substantial redesigns for the level 60 endgame, with powerful Rune abilities being integrated into various kits among other changes.

Despite the delay in Phase 4, fans of the experimental mode can look forward to new content and updates coming soon.

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