Comment gagner des Bullions en Bronze Antique dans WoW: Dragonflight Season 4


What Are Antique Bronze Bullions?

The Antique Bronze Bullion is a new special currency in Dragonflight Season 4, which players can use to purchase some of the best raid gear the game has to offer, including weapons, trinkets, and ways to upgrade legendary weapons. They can also be used to purchase a special mount, Jig-glesworth Sr, and weapon appearance and transmog.

Players will earn 1 Antique Bronze Bullion a week, with the cap on how many a player can have increasing by 1 each week. This means that if you miss a week, you can catch up to the current cap. These will be available to earn through defeating Awakened bosses in raids.

Earn Antique Bronze Bullions In Awakened Raids

Awakened raids are a weekly modifier that sees a raid’s bosses become more powerful while also dropping more powerful loot with higher item levels. This will change every week until week 7 of the season, when all raids will be Awakened.

Along with this, there are reputation increases and gains for completing specific raids, and achievements and rewards for completing Awakened raids.

Antique Bronze Bullion Vendor Locations

The Antique Bronze Bullion vendors can be found in The Parting Glass, which is located in Valdrakken towards the right of the city. Here, players can find multiple merchants, each dedicated to a specific raid (along with a few select items). There is also a vendor for the Awakened Mark of Mastery, an item earned from the Dragonflight Season 4 Master achievements, and the Awakened Tempostone, which drops from the final boss of an Awakened Raid.

With these, players will have a way to get some of the best gear regardless of how they raid or enjoy the game’s final season, and with the last major update for Dragonflight on the way, it’s all setting the stage for The War Within, the next expansion coming later this year.

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