Pokemon Unite favorise-t-il un titre de la 9ème génération plus que l’autre ?

Pokemon Unite set to release Gen 9 mons

A datamine of the game’s public test server has revealed that upcoming updates for Pokemon Unite may include the addition of new playable mons. The game is set to include various characters from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

The leaks have revealed that Miraidon and Ceruledge would be the new additions to the game and would be joining a limited number of Gen 9 characters that have been incorporated into Pokemon Unite. This suggests that more Gen 9 critters will be added to the game in the near future.

Preference towards Pokemon Violet in the game

Recent leaks have displayed a bias towards the Pokemon Violet version in Pokemon Unite as the game introduces more Gen 9 characters that are exclusive to Pokemon Violet. These leaks show that Pokemon Unite is set to favor one version of the Gen 9 games over the other.

The popularity of Pokemon Violet’s mons like Miraidon and Ceruledge, along with their sales data, confirms the status of Pokemon Violet as the more popular version of the Gen 9 games.

Pokemon Violet exclusives to join Pokemon Unite

Unlike past Pokemon generations, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have fewer version-exclusive Gen 9 mons. Among these, the main exception is Paradox Pokemon. Pokemon Unite is yet to have any Paradox Pokemon, leaving an opportunity for various popular exclusives from Pokemon Violet to be added in future updates.

Monsters like Iron Jugulis, Iron Crown, Iron Bundle and Iron Hands from Pokemon Violet’s line-up would be great additions to Pokemon Unite’s roster in the future. Pokemon Unite will be closely watched by fans to see if this trend of favoring Violet exclusives over Scarlet ones will continue or if the game plans to focus on non-version exclusive characters in the future.

Source : www.bing.com