Pokémon Unite : Ceruledge et Emboar se joignent au combat

Pokémon Unite introduces Ceruledge and Emboar in latest update

Pokémon Unite players are in for a treat with the addition of Ceruledge, a Fire/Ghost-type Pokémon, to the game’s roster. Alongside this new character, players can also participate in Tera Raid Battles to catch their very own Emboar. Ceruledge is already available for players to use, while the Emboar Tera Raid Battles will take place from June 21st to the 23rd.

Ceruledge: A versatile and powerful addition

Ceruledge is an all-rounder Pokémon that excels in speed and dealing high amounts of damage. Its Unite move, Revenant Rend, allows it to unleash a devastating attack with its arm blades, leaving opposing Pokémon stunned and vulnerable to follow-up slashes. With its ability to swiftly enter and exit battles, Ceruledge is a formidable opponent that can catch its adversaries off guard.

Expanding the Pokémon Unite roster

Pokémon Unite continues to impress players with its extensive roster of characters, drawing from the rich Pokémon universe to introduce new and familiar faces alike. With the addition of Ceruledge and Emboar, players have even more options to choose from when creating their ultimate team. The game’s diverse selection of Pokémon adds depth and variety to the gameplay experience, ensuring that each match feels unique and engaging.

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