Pokemon GO brièvement disponible en Chine : un mystère pour les joueurs

Pokemon GO: Découvrez le mystère du bref accès en Chine

Pokemon GO briefly available in China

Players of Pokemon GO were recently surprised to discover that the game could function in China. The excitement was brief, however, as it was only accessible for roughly thirty minutes before Pokemon GO was seemingly patched with no word on what happened or how.

Niantic remains silent

Players of Pokemon GO have been frantically trying to piece together what actually happened, but to no avail. Whether the geoblock was lifted intentionally or was the result of a glitch has been difficult to ascertain, and Niantic has so far yet to make any statement, official or otherwise, regarding the temporary lift of the geoblock.

The aftermath

Players of Pokemon GO who had placed their Pokemon into gyms located in these previously geoblocked areas came back to the game to find their Pokemon missing, only to be returned within the next day with no bonuses as if nothing had happened.

Pokemon GO just recently finished celebrating its eighth year anniversary, and is rapidly following on these festivities with the eighth annual Pokemon GO Fest 2024. These global celebrations offer ample time to keep many players entertained, but without any official statement from Niantic, the mystery of what exactly happened to grant China an hour of Pokemon GO will likely remain a mystery that will equally entertain fans.

Source : gamerant.com