Joueur Pokémon Go capture Raikou shadow 100%. Exceptionnel !

Master Balls in Pokemon Go: A Game Changer

Pokemon Go players are now able to secure guaranteed catches with the introduction of Master Balls to the popular mobile game. This highly sought-after item is a game-changer for trainers looking to capture elusive and powerful Pokemon.

How to Obtain Master Balls

Master Balls are extremely rare and can only be obtained during special events in Pokemon Go. They were recently added to the game after years of anticipation, delighting players who have been waiting for this iconic item to make its appearance.

Previously, players could acquire a Master Ball by completing specific challenges, such as the Masterwork Research challenge introduced during the Catching Wonders event or the Let’s Go! Special Research quest during the Season of Rising Heroes.

An “Amazing” Catch

A 7-year-old Pokemon Go player recently caught a Shadow Raikou with his Master Ball, a rarity that impressed the community. The young trainer’s decision to use his Master Ball on this elusive and powerful Pokemon instead of one of the Galarian Legendary Birds was met with praise from fellow players.

After struggling to land excellent throws with regular Poke Balls, the 7-year-old’s parent convinced him to use his Master Ball on the Shadow Raikou, a decision that paid off when it was revealed to be a hundo. The community congratulated the young trainer on his incredible catch, highlighting the significance of capturing a hundo shadow legendary in Pokemon Go.

What to Use Your Master Ball On

If you’re unsure about where to use your Master Ball in Pokemon Go, consider all the available Legendary Pokemon and their locations. Trainers often choose to save their Master Ball for rare and powerful Pokemon like hundos or legendary shadow Pokemon, as they provide valuable additions to their collection and lineup.

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