Amélioration urgente des récompenses dans les PokeStop Showcases de Pokemon Go

PokeStop Showcases in Pokemon Go: A Need for Better Rewards

PokeStop Showcases are a popular mechanic in Pokemon Go that players take on during various events such as Community Days and new Pokemon debuts.

The Issue of Rewards

While players enjoy participating in Showcases, there is a pressing need to upgrade the rewards offered for taking part and winning.

The Current Reward System

The rewards in PokeStop Showcases currently consist of XP, Egg Incubators, Incense, TMs, and other goodies. However, the frequency of receiving these rewards is low, and they often overlap with items obtainable by spinning a PokeStop or Gym.

The system is based on the duration of the Showcase rather than the number of participants, leading to inconsistencies in reward quality. Showcases that last longer tend to offer better rewards compared to those held on Community Days.

The Call for Improvement

A revamp of the reward system is needed to make it more competitive and rewarding. By prioritizing top positions, players would be more motivated to invest time in winning Showcases and strive for better rewards.

Refreshing the reward system could inject new excitement into the game and enhance the overall player experience, especially during events like Community Days and exclusive hatchings.

Player Feedback

Players have expressed their dissatisfaction with the current reward system, calling for more variety and consistency in the items offered. Suggestions include providing items like Incubators and Lucky Eggs more frequently as rewards for winning Showcases.

Feedback from players on platforms like Reddit highlights the need for better rewards to match the effort put into winning Showcases and make events like Go Fest more enjoyable for all participants.

In conclusion, Pokemon Go should consider revamping its Showcase reward system to meet the expectations of its dedicated player base and enhance the overall gaming experience for all.

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