Xur est de retour avec de nouveaux items exotiques ce weekend dans Destiny 2

Xur’s Exotic Gear for This Weekend in Destiny 2’s Lightfall Era

We are now in the endgame phase of Destiny 2’s Lightfall era, with players focusing on obtaining the perfect gear. One notable source of new Exotic gear is everyone’s favorite arms dealer, Xur. Let’s take a look at where you can find Xur this weekend and what he has in store for players.

Xur’s Location

This weekend, Xur can be found in the European Dead Zone (EDZ), specifically in the Winding Cove area. For his weapons and armor offerings, Xur has different items tailored to each class:

  • Prometheus Lens – Available for all classes
  • Lucky Raspberry – Exotic for Hunters
  • Dunemarchers – Exotic for Titans
  • Getaway Artist – Exotic for Warlocks

If you are not familiar with Xur’s location in the game, you can refer to the image below for guidance.

Exotic Armor Pieces

Lucky Raspberry (Exotic Hunter)

Considered an old favorite, Lucky Raspberry boosts Arcbolt Grenades to a new deadly level. Players will benefit from increased ability chaining while wearing this Exotic, along with additional grenade energy generation when engaging enemies. These grenades can also stun Overload Champions, providing a tactical advantage in combat.

Mobility: 17
Resilience: 8
Recovery: 10
Discipline: 12
Intellect: 2
Strength: 17
Total: 66

Dunemarchers (Exotic Titan)

Dunemarchers cater to the Titan playstyle of delivering powerful and swift attacks. The Linear Actuators perk enhances sprint speed and enables the build-up of a static charge that can chain to nearby enemies after a melee strike. This Exotic is ideal for clearing paths and supporting teammates in combat situations.

Mobility: 18
Resilience: 15
Recovery: 2
Discipline: 14
Intellect: 10
Strength: 6
Total: 65

Getaway Artist (Exotic Warlock)

Getaway Artist provides Warlocks with the ability to transform Arc grenades into Arc Souls, granting an amplified effect. Paired with the appropriate Rift ability, players will have a reliable turret guardian by their side. Optimizing resilience and strength stats will enhance the efficiency of this Exotic armor piece.

Mobility: 16
Resilience: 3
Recovery: 16
Discipline: 16
Intellect: 14
Strength: 2
Total: 67

Exotic Weapons

Prometheus Lens (Exotic)

One of the standout Solar-energy weapons in Destiny 2, Prometheus Lens offers potent damage output. This trace rifle inflicts Scorch stacks on targets and refills its magazine partially upon defeating an enemy. Players will enjoy using this weapon to deal with various types of enemies effectively.

– Prismatic Inferno
– Chambered Compensator
– Projection Fuse
– Flame Refraction
– Composite Stock

Prometheus Lens

Hawkmoon (Exotic hand cannon)

Notable for its Surplus trait, Hawkmoon provides marginal bonuses to handling, reload speed, and stability upon using charged abilities. While it may not be a compelling choice for some players, it still offers a unique gameplay experience.

– Paracausal Shot
– Fluted Barrel
– Alloy Magazine
– Surplus
– Smooth Grip


Make sure to visit Xur this weekend in Destiny 2 to secure these powerful Exotic pieces before his departure. Happy hunting, Guardians!

Source : www.gamespot.com