Unity : Rapport dévoile décision controversée de facturer développeurs pour téléchargement de jeux

Unity’s decision to charge developers for game downloads has sparked controversy in the gaming industry. However, a recent report sheds new light on the situation. According to sources, Unity is offering a 100% fee waiver to some studios if they switch to Unity’s LevelPlay ad platform. This move is seen as an attempt to undermine Unity’s main competitor, AppLovin.

Unity’s LevelPlay Ad Platform

Unity’s LevelPlay suite of tools allows developers to control their monetization strategy through in-game ads in Unity games for smartphones. It offers various types of ads, ad testing, and analytics to maximize revenue. By encouraging developers to migrate to LevelPlay, Unity is essentially saying that they will have to pay a significant amount of money if they don’t.

Industry consultant Matej Lancaric states that smaller developers have no choice but to switch to LevelPlay to save their companies. Others are considering alternative game development engines like Godot or Cocos2D.

Unity’s Emphasis on Smartphone Gaming

The emphasis Unity places on smartphone gaming becomes evident in its blog post on the controversial fees. The post mentions that qualifying customers may receive credits towards the Unity Runtime Fee if they adopt Unity services beyond the Editor, such as Unity Gaming Services or Unity LevelPlay mediation for mobile ad-supported games. Developers are encouraged to contact their account managers for more information.

It’s worth noting that Unity’s focus on smartphone gaming is in line with its use on PC and console platforms. However, Unity has yet to respond to the recent report.

In light of Unity’s new pricing structure, some developers have expressed anger and confusion. Mega Crit, the studio behind Slay the Spire, has even threatened to abandon Unity and switch to a different engine if the plans are not reversed.

Source : www.eurogamer.net