Resident Evil 4 VR : Une immersion inédite dans le monde de Leon Kennedy

Resident Evil 4 VR Revamp Brings New Immersive Mechanics

Deflecting a crossbow’s bolt in real life takes practice. In the Resident Evil 4 (RE4) VR port, all it takes is lifting the controller in the air at the right time. And it’s always satisfying.

Parrying Mechanic Upgrade

The parry mechanic is one of the novel additions of the 2023 remake developed by Capcom. When a bolt or melee attack is about to impact Leon Kennedy, pressing a button deflects with the in-game knife, allowing for an immediate counterattack.

Adapting this to the PlayStation VR2 required a more in-depth process involving physical gestures to match the incoming attacks, enhancing immersion and gameplay experience.

Enhancing Gameplay Experience in VR

In the VR version, players have greater control over Leon’s actions, including throwing knives, performing revolver tricks, and reloading weapons with realistic movements. The mechanics aim to streamline actions for a more intense combat experience without compromising enjoyment.

Future of VR in Resident Evil Series

The release of the VR Mode as a free DLC shortly after the game’s launch showcases Capcom’s commitment to expanding the VR market. The success of Resident Evil 4 VR has paved the way for more challenges and innovations in future projects, hinting at a bright future for virtual reality in the franchise.

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