Découvrez la nouvelle machine Stern Pinball basée sur John Wick

The next Stern Pinball machine is inspired by the John Wick movie franchise, featuring music, movie clips, and likenesses of all major characters, notably Keanu Reeves. This is not Keanu’s first pinball appearance, as he previously starred in the 1995 machine Johnny Mnemonic and was part of Williams’ Bram Stoker’s Dracula in 1993.

John Wick pinball focuses on assassinations and introduces an AI-controlled opponent to raise the stakes. Stern has developed a dynamic AI combat system that brings the frenetic combat from the films to the game. Enemies on the playfield respond to player behavior and illuminate dynamically to challenge the player. The system features action video clips of John Wick reflecting player actions.

Ian McShane, a mainstay in the John Wick series, lends his voice for callouts in the game, which can be experienced in the first trailer. The available versions of the pinball machine have exclusive features such as a motorized car toy, a ramp diverter, and unique artwork. The Premium Version’s Neon Noir art style is particularly striking.

Stern Pinball recently held a John Wick pinball preview event, where IGN’s Host and Producer Benjamin Watts praised the game for its aesthetics and gameplay. The Pro Edition is priced at $6,999, the Premium Edition at $9,699, and the Limited Edition at $12,999.

The John Wick Pinball machine is currently available for purchase, with the Limited Edition already sold out. For fans looking to catch up on the John Wick movies, streaming options are available.

Source : www.ign.com