Un joueur inventif utilise une Wiimote pour jouer Yasuo dans ‘League of Legends’

A League of Legends player has found a creative way to play the game using a Nintendo Wiimote. By repurposing the controller, the player was able to control the champion Yasuo, a swordsman who utilizes a steel blade and the power of wind in his abilities.

Using a Wiimote to Play League of Legends

A Reddit user with the username usr-Machintosh-HD shared a clip of themselves playing League of Legends with only a Wiimote as their controller. By pressing different directions on the D-pad, the player was able to activate Yasuo’s attacks, while the sensor inside the controller allowed them to move the cursor across the screen.

Summoner Spells were mapped to the + and – buttons on the sides of the Wiimote, and the home button was used for recalling.

Surprising and Entertaining the Community

The League of Legends community was both shocked and entertained by this unique setup, especially considering that Yasuo is not a very popular champion. One user jokingly referred to the player’s choice as « a whole level of masochism. »

Yasuo’s abilities, such as Wind Wall and various dashes, make him a formidable opponent. His passive shield, which builds up while the player is mobile, adds an extra layer of skill to playing Yasuo effectively. Despite several changes to the character, Yasuo mains still feel that he is difficult to master and disliked by teammates.

Yasuo in Project L

In addition to his presence in League of Legends, Yasuo will also be a playable character in Project L, an upcoming two-versus-two team-based fighting game from Riot Games. Players will be able to engage in battles alongside other popular champions such as Ahri, Darius, Katarina, Jinx, Ekko, and Illaoi.

As for other gaming news, Ubisoft’s newest shooter XDefiant has experienced a delay due to console certification issues. The executive producer has shared two potential launch windows for the game.

Source : www.bing.com