Qui dit « Easy, partner » dans League of Legends? Découvrez la réponse ici!

League of Legends fans are in for another challenge with today’s LoLdle quote, harkening back to the unofficial theme from June. This time, the quote is extremely short and may pose a challenge for some players. Let’s dive into the mystery: Who says “Easy, partner” in LoL?

The Elusive Quote

The cryptic quote revealed on July 5 is simply “Easy, partner.” The champion behind this line is none other than Graves, known for his tough persona. The challenge lies in deciphering these subtle hints to uncover the answer.

A Clue in Two Words

Despite the brevity of the quote, “partner” stands out as a key word that could lead players to the right path. Initially, thoughts may drift to Twisted Fate, who utters the phrase “Hold it, partner.” However, the solution reveals itself to be Graves, in a surprising yet satisfying twist.

A Vague Challenge

Solving this puzzle may not come easily for all League players, given the lack of overt clues. Some may find themselves spending numerous attempts before stumbling upon the correct answer. The audio cue provided could be a saving grace for those struggling to connect the dots.

While this particular LoLdle quote proved to be more challenging than previous ones, the thrill of cracking the code remains undeniable. As players continue to unravel these mysteries, the anticipation of encountering a truly puzzling quote looms on the horizon.

Source : dotesports.com