Le nouveau champion d’artiste emo dans League of Legends

League of Legends’ New Champion: Hwei, the Visionary

Riot has introduced the latest addition to the League of Legends roster, Hwei, a mid-lane mage with a unique and intricate kit centered around painting and an edgy, emo aesthetic.

In the lore, Hwei hails from Ionia and uses art as a means to both confront wrongdoers and offer solace to their victims. His character is haunted by his intense creativity and troubled past, which accounts for his brooding appearance. Notably, Hwei shares a history with Jhin, one of League of Legends’ most art-focused champions.

Hwei’s Gameplay and Abilities

Hwei’s abilities are complex and are likely to appeal more to experienced players than casual fans. He possesses three different spellbooks, resulting in a total of 10 unique spells to choose from. This has drawn comparisons to Aphelios, a marksman with a notoriously intricate kit.

These spellbooks offer a variety of options: Disaster is oriented towards dealing damage, Serenity provides support and healing abilities, and Torment focuses on crowd-control. Hwei’s ultimate, Spiralling Despair, allows him to attach to an enemy champion and create an AOE zone of Despair, slowing and inflicting magic damage to enemies within the area.

Hwei’s Debut and Future Skins

Set to be introduced in patch 13.24, Hwei’s first available skin will be part of the Winterblessed skin line and is currently live for testing on the PBE. Notably, Hwei was unveiled at the League of Legends 2023 Worlds Finals, where T1 emerged victorious, clinching their fourth world championship title. Additionally, the popular Netflix show Arcane, based on the League of Legends universe and lore, recently announced that its second season will premiere in 2024.

Source : www.bing.com