La montée en classement de League of Legends sera plus rapide à l’avenir.

Rejoice, League of Legends players! Riot Games may be making the ranked climb easier for all of us. If you’ve been struggling to reach your desired rank in the game, there is hope on the horizon. Riot’s senior design lead for competitive gameplay, Jordan ‘BarackProbama’ Checkman, has confirmed that they are looking into reducing the number of games needed to move up or down a bracket.

Addressing the Issue

Many players have voiced their concerns about the current state of League’s ranked climb. One player on Reddit mentioned that it takes an excessive amount of games to reach a rank that truly represents their skill level. In response, Checkman acknowledged the problem and stated that they are actively working on a solution.

While Checkman did not provide any specific details about the changes, he mentioned that Riot has both medium-term and long-term plans to address the issue. The aim is to allow players’ ratings to more accurately reflect their skill level, thus reducing the grind required to reach their deserved rank.

A Frustrating Grind

Many players can relate to the frustrations of the current ranked system. It often feels like progress is hindered by trolls or griefers in the game. Despite personal skills and efforts, winning two matches can easily be negated by a single loss, pushing players back to square one.

Each game feels like a gamble, as it is uncertain whether teammates will play seriously or if the enemy team will have unconventional strategies that ruin the experience. This is particularly challenging for players who main less popular roles, such as enchanter supports.

A Glance Towards Success

All hope is not lost for those who aspire to climb the ranks and reach Challenger status. By utilizing a LoL tier list, players can have a better understanding of the best champions to choose for their climb. Additionally, keeping up with upcoming League of Legends skins can help capture the excitement of the game, especially with the approaching Worlds tournament where players can channel their inner IG or T1.

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