Déploiement de la controverse LoL Vanguard anti-triche pour la prochaine mise à jour

Riot Games introduces Vanguard anti-cheat system to League of Legends

Riot Games is set to implement its Vanguard anti-cheat system into League of Legends, despite facing backlash from players. The controversial update is scheduled to be rolled out in the next update for some regions, with the Philippines being the first to experience it when Patch 14.5 goes live on Wednesday, March 6. This early release in Southeast Asia will allow Riot’s engineers to evaluate the functionality of Vanguard before a widespread release.

The Vanguard system has the ability to shut down League matches, and players in other regions can expect to see the anti-cheat software integrated into their League programs from Patch 14.6 onwards. However, the launch may be staggered in waves rather than a unified release on March 20, depending on the results of the Philippines tests.

Resistance from the League player base

Riot’s confirmation of Vanguard’s impending arrival has faced heavy resistance from League players. While players of VALORANT have accepted the anti-cheat software, the League community is vehemently demanding Riot to reconsider its decision. Many have voiced concerns about the invasiveness of the system and have even threatened to uninstall any Riot-associated programs once Vanguard goes live.

One of the primary grievances expressed by the League community is the belief that cheating is not widespread enough in the game to warrant what they perceive as an « unprecedented level of system invasion and control » from Riot. Despite instances of botted accounts and some cheating in normal matches and tutorial lobbies, the issue is far less prevalent in ranked play. The developers of League have remained silent in response to the vocal backlash against Vanguard since its announcement in January.

Delay due to critical bugs

Originally slated for a global rollout in the first week of March, the arrival of Vanguard in League has been delayed due to the discovery of « critical bugs. » This delay has put the implementation of the anti-cheat system on hold for the time being.

Source : www.bing.com