Le Joker de Floride abandonne sa poursuite contre GTA 6 mais veut toujours un rôle de doublage dans le jeu

Florida Joker drops lawsuit demand but still wants a voice-acting role in GTA 6

Lawrence Sullivan, also known as Florida Joker, has announced that he will no longer pursue legal action against the developer of GTA 6, Rockstar Games. However, he is still insisting on being given a voice-acting role in the highly anticipated game. Sullivan had previously accused Rockstar Games of using his likeness in a brief scene in the GTA 6 trailer without his permission, and threatened legal action if he was not compensated. In a recent TikTok video, Sullivan expressed his willingness to work with the developer as a voice actor and ambassador for the game in order to help promote it. He stated, « Rockstar, we’ve got to talk. I’m not suing you all anymore, but you’re all still out of your goddamn nuggets. It’s been two whole months. You haven’t reached out to me. Let’s do what’s right. Show me like $50,000, $100,000. Let me voice the character, let me go to the meet-and-greets when the game is released. Let me sign, take pictures with the fans. Let me promote the game. »

While Take-Two and Rockstar have yet to respond—or even acknowledge—Sullivan’s claims and requests, the parent company Take-Two Interactive is aiming for the game to be as close to perfection as possible. In the company’s latest earnings call, Take-Two said that the game will not be rushed out to the market and added that player anticipation for GTA 6 has begun to surge. « Our sense is that the anticipation is much higher. Much, much higher, » Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick said.

Anticipation for GTA 6 is on the rise

Despite Sullivan’s demands, there has been no response from Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive regarding his claims. However, anticipation for GTA 6 continues to grow. Take-Two Interactive has emphasized its commitment to ensuring that the game meets high standards and will not be rushed for release. GTA 6 is scheduled to launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S in 2025, with a PC version potentially following at a later date.

Source : www.bing.com