GTA 6 trailer recréé avec les personnages de GTA 5 redonne vie à un classique

GTA 6 trailer reimagined with GTA 5 characters

The GTA 6 trailer has recently gained attention for its creative reimagining by YouTuber JANTSUU, featuring the main characters from GTA 5. Originally released by Rockstar in December 2023, the official GTA 6 trailer broke YouTube records for non-music videos within 24 hours of its release. It offered a glimpse into the fictional state of Florida, known as Leonida, where the game is set, and introduced protagonists Lucia and a male character believed to be named Jason.

The reimagined trailer

YouTuber JANTSUU recreated the GTA 6 trailer with the iconic characters from GTA 5 – Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. The video reimagines Michael’s imprisonment, showcasing scenes of his alleged actions leading to his capture. The storyline unfolds as Trevor reaches out to Franklin for a daring rescue mission in Leonida, culminating in a thrilling jailbreak sequence. The video ends with the trio posing with the ‘VI’ logo, injecting humor into the scene as they interact playfully with the emblem.

Grand Theft Auto 5’s impact

Released in 2013, Grand Theft Auto 5 remains a standout title in the gaming industry, lauded as one of the best games of the past decade. Its enduring popularity is highlighted by Rockstar’s continuous updates to GTA Online, providing players with an engaging gaming experience.

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