Crainte des fans de GTA 6 : l’arrivée de microtransactions « horribles » avec le succès de GTA Online.

Microtransactions in GTA Online have been a lucrative source of revenue for Take-Two executives, and fans are concerned that this trend will continue with the release of GTA 6. Although Rockstar has not provided many details about GTA 6, fans eagerly await its release, which is rumored to be in 2024. In the meantime, players have been enjoying GTA Online and its microtransactions, which have helped CEO Strauss Zelnick earn over $70 million in 2023. With news of Zelnick and company president Karl Slatoff receiving substantial bonuses due to microtransactions, fans are worried about the future of microtransactions in GTA 6.

Grand Theft Auto players brace for upcoming GTA 6 microtransactions

A YouTuber named LegacyKillaHD sparked a discussion about the potential impact of microtransactions in GTA 6. They expressed concerns that the microtransactions in the game would be « horrific » based on the news of the Take-Two bonuses. Many others joined in the conversation, sharing their thoughts on microtransactions in GTA VI and the issues they have with this concept.

One person pointed out that the rumored $2 billion budget for GTA 6 would not be possible without microtransactions. They mentioned the ten-year success of « shark cards » in GTA as a testament to this. Another person speculated that microtransactions could even be integrated into the story of GTA 6. Some fans went as far as to state that if the microtransaction problem persists in GTA Online, GTA 6 will be the last Rockstar game they purchase. They believe that if Rockstar handles the online component of GTA 6 in the same way as they did with GTA 5 online, the company does not deserve their money. Fans expressed their support for other developers who are not considered to be « scum » in the industry.

It is important to note that Rockstar has not revealed any information about the online component of GTA 6. Therefore, fans can only speculate for now. However, if the rumors of a 2024 release turn out to be true, we can expect an official reveal and many new details in the near future. In the meantime, players have exciting prospects as leaks suggest that a Red Dead Redemption remake will be released this year, one that will likely not feature any microtransactions.

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