Sethos : meilleure construction DPS et synergies de l’équipe dans Genshin Impact

Best DPS Build for Sethos in Genshin Impact

Sethos is the new 4-Star Electro bow character from Version 4.7 in Genshin Impact. If you have him in your roster and want to optimize his performance as a DPS character, it’s essential to focus on the right build. Sethos has the ability to deal Empowered Shots for extra Electro DMG, while his Elemental Skill allows him to evade danger while dealing damage.

Best Artifacts for Sethos

When it comes to Artifacts, the best set for Sethos is Wanderer’s Troupe. This set enhances his attacks by scaling with Elemental Mastery and boosting Charged Attack DMG by 35% if he uses a Catalyst or a Bow. Besides Wanderer’s Troupe, consider using Thundering Fury for extra Electro DMG or Gilded Dreams to improve Sethos’ Elemental Mastery.

Best Weapons for Sethos

As for weapons, Hunter’s Path stands out as the best choice for Sethos, as it boosts Elemental DMG and increases Charged Attack DMG by a significant percentage of his Elemental Mastery. If Hunter’s Path is not available, other options like The First Great Magic, Scion of the Blazing Sun, and Cloudforged can still enhance his build.

Best Sethos Team Comps in Genshin Impact

Having the right team composition can significantly impact Sethos’ performance in battles. For reactions like Hyperbloom and Aggravate, it’s important to have team members who can complement his abilities and maximize damage output.

Best Hyperbloom Team Comp

Sethos can trigger Hyperbloom with Dendro Cores from Nahida, while Furina can create Electro-Charged reactions. This setup ensures high damage output during battles.

Best Aggravate Team Comp

Creating the Aggravate reaction involves applying Electro DMG to Quickened enemies. With Fischl, Kazuha, and Baizhu on the team, you can efficiently trigger this reaction and deal massive damage in Genshin Impact.

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