La Hydro Girl de Natlan de Genshin Impact : Nouvelle révélation de nom et date de sortie

Natlan Teaser revealed three new characters to the Genshin Impact community, each quickly garnering their own following. Among the three revealed characters, the Hydro Girl received the most interest, with players eagerly anticipating her real name and release date. A recent leak from DK2, via HXG, has unveiled the Chinese name of the Natlan Hydro Girl or Shark Girl.

Chinese Name Revelation

According to the leak from DK2, the Chinese name of the Hydro Girl is 瑪拉妮, which directly translates to Marani. Other pronunciations of the name in English can be Mualani or Malani. The Chinese version of the name means a graceful and determined girl, according to a rough translation from ChatGPT.

Speculations and Expectations

In the Natlan teaser, we saw the girl enjoying fishing and then riding a shark to cross the lake, which may be a mechanic connected with her or a common Natlan mechanic. While there isn’t much information available about the new Natlan characters, leaks do emphasize that she is going to be a Hydro character. If everything aligns with expectations, she is speculated to feature in the Genshin Impact 5.0 banner, which will be the first Natlan banner. Her release is expected around August 27, 2024.

That sums up everything we currently know about the Hydro Natlan Girl in Genshin Impact. Share with us which character you are most excited for and your thoughts on Natlan’s release. Stay tuned for more updates and leaks leading up to the release of Natlan in Genshin Impact.

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