Guide de construction Sigewinne dans Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Sigewinne Build Guide

Genshin Impact v4.7 Phase II is just around the corner. The game will let players invite Sigewinne to their roster on June 25, 2024. Ahead of her release Genshin Impact already revealed her talents as a 5-star Hydro character. She fits the support role and can boost certain DMG for her teammates. In a post on X, Genshin Impact also revealed her 5-star signature weapon. Let’s take a look at the best artifacts, weapons, and teams for Sigewinne.

Sigewinne: Best support build

Sigewinne is a healer support that can also provide buff to her teammates. Both these aspects scale off HP. This is why it is recommended to focus primarily on her HP stat. You can also build her to focus on personal DMG, but that is not the ideal use case for the Melusine.

Best artifacts: To boost Sigewinne’s healing abilities, players can opt for healing-focused artifact sets, such as Song of Days Past and Ocean-Hued Clam. 2-piece sets for both artifacts give healing bonus. Meanwhile, the 4-piece set of Song of Days Past will allow Sigewinne to buff her teammates’ damage and the 4-piece set of Ocean-Hued Clam will enable her to deal extra damage based on her healing. You can also stack up on HP with the help of a 2-piece Tenacity of Millelith and a 2-piece Vouruksha’s Glow. The main stats for Sands, Goblet, and Circlet should be HP%. For sub-stats, you can focus on HP%, flat HP, and Elemental Mastery/ Energy Recharge. Notably, her max HP increases her teammates’ off-field Skill DMG, so there is no need to stack up on other stats.

Best weapons: Sigewinne uses a Bow and her signature weapon is 5-star Silvershower Heartstrings, which offers 66.15% HP via its secondary stat. Another weapon suitable for Sigewinne is the 3-star Recurve Bow which offers 46.9% HP via main stat and restores 8% HP when you defeat an opponent. There is no other Bow with an HP boost, so you can go for weapons that offer Energy Recharge, such as Favonius Bow, to let Sigewinne work as a battery for the team.

Best teams: Since Sigewinne offers Hydro application, healing, and off-field Skill DMG bonus for teammates, she can easily fit in most teams. Some of the teams where Sigewinne can truly shine are as follows:

– Clorinde (Electro) + Fischl (Electro)/ Yae Miko (Electro) + Nahida (Dendro) + Sigewinne (Hydro)
– Diluc (Pyro) + Xiangling (Pyro) + Xingqiu (Hydro) + Sigewinne (Hydro)
– Heizou (Anemo) + Xingqiu (Hydro) + Xiangling (Pyro) + Sigewinne (Hydro)
– Furina (Hydro) + Fiscl (Electro)/ Yae Miko (Electro) + Nahida (Dendro) + Sigewinne (Hydro)

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