Metallica prend d’assaut Fortnite : Fuel. Fire. Fury

Fortget pickaxes and shotguns, Fortnite players recently experienced a different kind of power: the power of rock! Metallica brought their iconic heavy metal tunes to the popular battle royale game in a groundbreaking virtual concert event. Known as Metallica: Fuel. Fire. Fury, this concert marked a significant moment in Fortnite’s Festival Season 4, demonstrating that rock music can still bring people together even in the virtual realm.

Show Dates

Crafted exclusively for Fortnite using Unreal Editor by technology studio Magnopus, Metallica’s virtual concert took place on June 22 and 23, 2024. Multiple showtimes were offered on both days to accommodate players in various time zones:

Saturday, June 22: 2 PM ET, 5 PM ET, 11 PM ET

Sunday, June 23: 10 AM ET, 2 PM ET, 5 PM ET

Players could access the concert through the Fortnite Discover screen and attend with up to three friends. This was a limited-time event, and once the scheduled dates had passed, the concert could no longer be experienced.

Metallica x Fortnite

Setlist: Metallica’s concert featured a selection of six of their most popular songs, including hits like Enter Sandman, Fuel, Master of Puppets, Ride the Lightning, The Unforgiven, and Wherever I May Roam.

This concert marked Fortnite’s significant step into the music industry, showcasing the game as a leader in the emerging trend of virtual concerts.


Reactions to Metallica’s Fortnite Concert were mixed, with critics and audiences finding the event both unique and an innovative way to engage with Metallica’s music, particularly appealing to younger audiences unfamiliar with the band.

While the concert offered impressive special effects and interactive elements, some players expressed disappointment at the short snippets of songs played instead of full performances. Additionally, technical issues such as lag were reported, which may have hindered the experience for some players.

Despite these mixed reviews, the concert was anticipated to have broken records with a large player turnout, solidifying Metallica’s position as a top virtual concert draw in Fortnite.

Metallica-themed Fortnite Game Modes

Fortnite’s collaboration with Metallica extended beyond the concert itself, offering Metallica-themed experiences across various game modes throughout Fortnite Festival Season 4, including:

Fortnite Festival: A « Rock Band » style experience where players could unlock skins for each Metallica member and perform classic Metallica songs alongside others. A new competitive mode called Battle Stage was also introduced for ongoing competitive play beyond the collaboration period.

Battle Royale: While not a complete overhaul, the Battle Royale mode included Metallica-themed loot such as instruments for back blings and emotes inspired by the band’s music.

LEGO Fortnite: The creative mode received a Metallica touch with special building blocks themed around the band for players to recreate iconic imagery.

Rocket Racing: A new Rocket Racing track known as Thrash Mountain was introduced, providing a high-speed, Metallica-inspired course for players to enjoy with themed cosmetics for customization.

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