Le retour de Fortnite OG en 2024 annoncé : date de sortie révélée!

Fortnite OG 2024: What to Expect

Fortnite OG, one of the most popular periods in the game’s history, is set to make a comeback in 2024. After much anticipation from players, Epic has revealed some details about the upcoming return of Fortnite OG.

When Will Fortnite OG Come Back in 2024?

While an official date for the return of Fortnite OG has not been confirmed by Epic, leaks suggest that it will be after Chapter 5 Season 4. With the Fortnite roadmap for the full year leaked, players can expect to revisit Chapter 2 in November for a full four months.

The return of OG Fortnite will only last for a month, but players can look forward to experiencing different seasons week by week. This time, it will be Chapter 2 making a comeback, offering a unique gaming experience compared to the current Chapter 5.

OG Fortnite 2024 Schedule

The OG Fortnite 2024 schedule will include four different seasons, starting with the first Season of Chapter 2, known for its brand-new map and expanded gameplay. Subsequent seasons will feature bosses, mythics, a flood event, and the Marvel Nexus War season.

Each season will take up a week in November, allowing players to relive some of the biggest moments of Chapter 2. The plan is to follow this with Chapter 6, showcasing the rapid evolution of the game’s chapters.

Is OG Fortnite Coming Back in 2024?

While Chapter 1 of Fortnite might not be making a return in 2024, players can still experience a version of it through Fortnite Reload. This remixed version of Chapter 1 features familiar POIs and weapons, offering a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

With the resurgence of OG Fortnite in Chapter 2, players can look forward to revisiting past eras of the game and enjoying unique gameplay experiences. As we eagerly await the return of this fan-favorite period, one thing is certain – Fortnite OG 2024 will bring a wave of excitement to the gaming community.

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