Fortnite Star Wars: polémique sur le prix du crossover Star Wars de Fortnite

Fortnite’s Star Wars Crossover: Controversy Over Pricing

Fortnite’s upcoming Star Wars crossover has sparked controversy among fans due to its pricing strategy, raising concerns about value for the price. The introduction of a Chewbacca skin in the Lego Fortnite Battle Pass at 1,400 V-Bucks has led to accusations of excessive fees, with players claiming to be forced to pay a « Lego tax ».

The crossover event includes a variety of Star Wars-related items and bundles across different game modes, such as Lego Fortnite, Rocket Racing, Fortnite Festival, and Battle Royale. However, the crux of the issue revolves around the Chewbacca skin, whose price hike compared to previous crossovers has stirred discontent among the Fortnite community.

Backlash Over Pricing Discrepancies

Despite the option to wait for Chewbacca to be available for individual purchase from the Shop, the high price of the Lego Fortnite Star Wars Pass remains a point of contention. Fans have criticized the additional cost as an unfair « Lego tax » that fails to deliver adequate value, especially considering the disinterest in the Lego Fortnite mode.

Moreover, the overall cost of acquiring all Star Wars cosmetics in the crossover event has sparked further outrage. Calculations reveal that players would need to spend approximately 12,000 V-Bucks, equivalent to roughly $96, to access the full range of items. This hefty price tag, coupled with optional Lego Star Wars Decor Bundles, has left many Fortnite enthusiasts dissatisfied with the pricing structure.

In light of Epic’s substantial financial demands for the Star Wars crossover, concerns about the event’s affordability and value proposition have intensified, prompting significant backlash from the gaming community.

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