Fortnite : La collaboration X-Men ’97 repoussée ou annulée selon de nouvelles informations

Fortnite’s rumored X-Men ’97 collaboration is on hold for now.

Fortnite Leaks and Crossovers

Fortnite has become known for its collaborations with various franchises, from Dragon Ball Z to God of War. Leaks often surface regarding upcoming content in the game, and most of the time, they turn out to be accurate. One of the trusted sources for Fortnite leaks, Hypex on Twitter, recently shared information indicating that the speculated X-Men ’97 collaboration is either postponed or cancelled.

Details of the Delay

Hypex revealed that the planned collab between X-Men ’97 and Fortnite will not be happening this season. While it remains uncertain whether the crossover will ever take place, there are suggestions that it might have been delayed. Another leak hinted at a full Marvel-themed season beginning in August, which could explain why X-Men ’97 content is being held back.

Hypex shed light on the situation by stating, « Basically there was an ‘X-Men’ Shop Section added around the release days of the new show, and we thought it was new skins.. but it turned out to be for the old X-Men skins (Rogue & Gambit) ».

Future Crossover Content

Despite the setback with the X-Men ’97 collaboration, Fortnite players can look forward to a plethora of new content in the coming months. Leaks suggest that upcoming crossovers may include characters from Loki, Pirates of the Caribbean, Dragon Ball Z (Trunks), and the Fantastic Four. Additionally, a leaked roadmap for 2024 hints at the return of Fortnite OG and a Fortnite Festival featuring artists like Metallica and Snoop Dogg. Fortnite enthusiasts can expect an eventful year ahead.

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