Fortnite Festival : Jouez avec une manette Guitar Hero DS

Fortnite Festival fan and Epic Games partner @Acai28 has successfully managed to use the Guitar Hero DS grip controller in the game. This new addition allows players to enjoy a different gaming experience in Fortnite Festival.

Playing with the Guitar Hero DS Grip Controller

A clip shared on Twitter showcased @Acai28 playing a track in Fortnite Festival using the DS grip controller. While the controller may be smaller and not as authentic as holding a guitar, it is still functional and adds a unique element to the gameplay.

If you want to try this gaming setup for yourself, you will need to purchase an adapter to ensure that your PC recognizes the DS grip as a four-button controller.

Exploring Controller Compatibility in Fortnite Festival

In Fortnite Festival, the DS grip controller is classified as a standard controller, eliminating the need for it to be recognized as a compatible guitar controller. This opens up new possibilities for players looking to experiment with different gaming setups in the game.

For those not interested in using the DS grip controller, Fortnite Festival also supports other guitar peripherals such as the Riffmaster Wireless guitar, Rock Band 4 Rivals Wireless Fender Jaguar, and Stratocaster guitars. While these options are more authentic, they come with a higher price tag ranging from $200 to $400.

Fortnite started as a tower defense game but has since evolved into one of the most popular video games worldwide. Its battle royale mode has captured the mainstream audience, with features like in-game concerts and collaborations with various brands like Marvel and the NFL.

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