Fans de Warzone accusent la carte Las Almas de voler un lieu emblématique de Fortnite

The era of Las Almas is approaching and fans are buzzing with anticipation. The upcoming Warzone map has been the subject of much speculation, with many wondering if it will replace Al Mazrah or simply be an addition to the existing map pool. Regardless, it is clear that Las Almas is now firmly on the radar.

New Teasers for Las Almas

A recent batch of teasers has revealed exciting details about the Las Almas Warzone map. Fans have discovered that a section of the map seems to have been inspired by another popular battle royale game.

The development of the Las Almas map has been a lengthy process, with its original version even making an appearance in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign nearly a year ago. The latest teasers from Call of Duty confirm that the original map is indeed genuine.

The most recent teasers unveil the Outbreak map, which will be utilized for the Zombies and DMZ crossover mode. It has been revealed that this location is the same as the one in which Warzone will take place. The teasers showcase a zoomed-in version of the Campaign’s map, complete with the same layout and a suspiciously similar point of interest (POI).

Fans Accuse Warzone of Copying Fortnite

In the southeast portion of the new teaser, an isolated island surrounded by water can be seen. Access to this island can only be obtained through swimming, landing directly on it, or traveling by boat. Fans were quick to draw comparisons to Fortnite’s iconic Loot Lake, which was located just below Tilted Towers and became a focal point for intense battles and end-game strategies.

In the original map from MW2, this island is situated in a more central position, similar to where Loot Lake was located in Fortnite. However, unlike Fortnite, Las Almas lake will feature rivers flowing in from both the east and west, effectively dividing the map into north and south. The presence of only a few bridges may pose a significant obstacle for teams trying to rotate through the center of the map.

More of the Warzone map will be unveiled at CoD Next on October 5th, showcasing the Las Almas map in its undead state as Zombies make their appearance.

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