Événement Fortnite TMNT : programme des quêtes et récompenses Cowabunga

Fortnite TMNT Cowabunga Event

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are back in Fortnite with the TMNT Cowabunga event! This exciting event brings new weapons, quests, and rewards for all Fortnite players. Our guide has all the details on how to join in the fun, including a list of the Fortnite TMNT Cowabunga event quest schedule and the rewards waiting for you. Let’s dive in and explore the world of the heroes in a half shell!

Fortnite TMNT Skins in the Shop

If you’re eager to get your hands on the TMNT skins, then look no further than the shop. The store features skins for each brother – Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael, along with April O’Neil and (Master) Splinter. Each of the six skins comes with its corresponding Lego Fortnite skin. Additionally, there’s a bundle for all four turtles, the back bling, and their pickaxes, which can be purchased for 6,400 v-bucks – but currently on sale for 3,400. For those who prefer individual purchases, each skin can be bought bundled with its pickaxe for 1,600 v-bucks (or 1,500 for Splinter and April). As for the Shredder skin, it can be found in the Cowabunga Premium Reward Track.

Fortnite Cowabunga Event Reward Track and Premium Rewards

During the Cowabunga event, players can earn ooze by completing quests. This ooze can then be redeemed for rewards such as ninja-themed emotes, wraps, and the Turtle Blimp glider. By spending 1,000 v-bucks, players can upgrade to the Premium Reward Track, unlocking all regular rewards along with a second set that includes back bling and pickaxes. Additionally, players will immediately unlock the Shredder skin and Lego style.

Fortnite Splinter Assignment: The Ooze War Quest Schedule

The Ooze War quest schedule is here! To unlock rewards, players can complete quests for Splinter, a total of six phases are available until February 27, 2024. Here’s a breakdown of each phase:

Phase 1: Stick to the Shadows is out now.

Phase 2: Gear Up! goes live Feb. 12 at 9 AM ET.

Phase 3: Cowabunga Clash goes live Feb. 15.

Phase 4: Give ‘Em Shell goes live Feb. 18.

Phase 5: Showdown Shred goes live Feb. 21.

Phase 6: Shellebrate goes live Feb. 24.

Ninja Turtle Weapons

Not only are the TMNT skins available, but the Turtles’ iconic weapons are making an appearance as well. These actual weapons, not just the pickaxes, include Leonardo’s Katanas, Raphael’s Sai, Michelangelo’s Nunchaku, and Donatello’s Staff. These weapons can be found in chests, supply drops, and vending machines. Each weapon provides unique abilities such as attack, air attack, dash attack, and a double jump, with recharging charges after 10 seconds.

Source : www.polygon.com