Nerfs d’armes populaires dans Warzone Saison 4 Reloaded: quel impact ?

Call of Duty: Warzone nerfs popular weapons in Season 4 Reloaded, with more updates expected in Season 5.

Latest Updates for Call of Duty: Warzone

The latest update for Call of Duty: Warzone has nerfed multiple weapons that were dominating the meta during Season 4, including the Superi 46 submachine gun. This balance update comes shortly after the start of Season 4 Reloaded and more updates are on the horizon.

Activision is committed to updating Call of Duty: Warzone with new content such as maps, weapons, and limited-time events, all available for free to players. An increase to 120-player lobbies is scheduled, and Season 4 Reloaded introduced exciting events like the detonation of a DNA bomb at the Popov Power Plant in Urzikstan.

Details of the July 2 Update

The most recent update on July 2 includes fixes and nerfs for various weapons in Warzone. The Kastov 762 and 545 assault rifles, Superi 46 and FJX Horus submachine guns, and the Kar98k marksman rifle all had adjustments. These changes aim to maintain a fair and competitive environment within the game.

Fixes for the assault rifles and submachine guns include corrections to iron sights and optics that were misaligned after certain modifications. In terms of damage modifiers, the Superi 46 SMG saw reductions to ensure balance against other weapons. The Kar98k marksman rifle also received adjustments to its damage modifiers.

Future of Weapon Updates

The adjustments made to the weapon balancing in Warzone also extend to Modern Warfare 3, providing consistency for players who enjoy both titles. Warzone’s Reclaimer 18 shotgun remains a strong choice in the meta, with ongoing changes expected in future updates.

As Season 4 Reloaded continues and Season 5 approaches, the game’s meta will keep evolving with the addition of new weapons. Activision and Treyarch have confirmed continued support for Warzone following the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 later this year. More details about the game’s future will be shared during the upcoming Call of Duty NEXT event in August.

Call of Duty: Warzone July 2 Update Patch Notes

Assault Rifles

Kastov 762 & 545 (MWII)
– JAK Requiem Conversion Kit Fixed incorrect iron sight and misaligned Optics after unequipping the Conversion Kit.

Submachine Guns

Superi 46
– Lower Torso Modifier decreased to 1.1x, down from 1.3x. Lower Arm and Hand Modifiers decreased to 1.1x, down from 1.3x.

FJX Horus
– JAK Scimitar Kit Fixed incorrect iron sight and blocked Barrel Attachments after unequipping the Conversion Kit.

Marksman Rifles

– Lower Torso Modifier decreased to .95x, down from 1.1x. Arm Modifiers decreased to .95x, down from 1.2x. Leg Modifiers decreased to .95x, down from 1x.

Warzone is a free-to-play battle royale game in the long-running Call of Duty series. With over 100 million active players, the game offers multiple gameplay modes and continues to receive updates and new content since its release in March 2020.

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