Le meilleur loadout TAQ V dans Warzone 2 – Dominez vos adversaires

The TAQ V has made its way into the meta of Warzone 2, and if you’re wondering whether it’s worth using, we have some great news for you – it definitely is. Call of Duty Guru Marathon has just released a YouTube video detailing the best TAQ V loadout, and we’re here to break it down for you.

Muzzle: Sakin Tread-40

First up is the muzzle, where Marathon recommends the Sakin Tread-40. This attachment provides excellent control over both vertical and horizontal recoil, resulting in improved accuracy. This is a crucial advantage when engaging enemies in Warzone 2.

Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56

Next, Marathon suggests using the FTAC Ripper 56 attachment for the underbarrel. This attachment offers recoil stabilization, increased hip fire accuracy, and improved aiming idle stability. However, it does come at the cost of some speed, so keep that in mind when making your decision.

Optic: AIM OP-V4

When it comes to the optic, Marathon recommends the AIM OP-V4. This attachment provides a clear and precise sight picture, which can really make a difference in your ability to spot and eliminate enemies. Just be aware that it slightly decreases aim-down-sight speed.

Ammo: 7.62 High Velocity

To maximize your bullet velocity, Marathon suggests using the 7.62 high-velocity rounds in a 30-round mag. This will give your shots a faster travel speed, making it easier to hit moving targets. However, it does come at the expense of some damage range, so consider the trade-off before equipping this attachment.

In conclusion, the recommended TAQ V loadout consists of the Sakin Tread-40 muzzle for recoil control, the FTAC Ripper 56 underbarrel for improved stability, the AIM OP-V4 optic for better sight picture, and the 7.62 high-velocity rounds for increased bullet velocity. Keep in mind the drawbacks of these attachments and choose the loadout that best suits your playstyle.

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