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Q2-081225: Importing a JPEG or Bitmap to a Part

Is there any way to import a JPEG or Bitmap to a part in Pro/E 3.0?
Q1-090105: Drawing Table to BOM (2 ans)

How can I create a repeat region table with the sum quality in a column?
Q1-081225: Looking For a Computer with Pro/E Installed (2 an

Does anyone know where I can buy/lease a pre-configured computer with Pro/E installed?
Q1-090113: Display Pattern Tables

I want to show the values in a pattern table available in a part of the assembly in a tabulated format, can anyone help?
Q1-090112: Pro/E ANSYS Connection

Can parts modeled in Pro/E and then analyzed in ANSYS be used to drive behavior modeling extension in Pro/E again?
Q1-090105: Cable Harnessing

When I go to Flatten/layout/Close loop, and pick the two points. I get an error that says the Bend Radius is incorrect. Please help.
Q2-081216: System Slowdown (2 ans)

It is extremely slow when I save assembly drawings in Wildfire 3.0. Can anyone help?
Q4-090108: Spur Gear

How do I design spur gear (involute teeth) in Pro/E?
Q3-090108: Dynamic Balancing

I want to balance a cam shaft, how can I do that?
Q2-090108: Wetted Surfaces

What is the easiest way of creating wetted surfaces from a solid model in preparation for CFD meshing?
Q1-090108: Export an Assembly

How can I keep the position and orientation of each part in the assembly based on the global coordinate system
Q1-090107: Threading

Is there an easy way to put threading onto my model?
Q1-090106: General Blend

Can anyone explain the general blend concept to me?
Q1-081215: Drawing View Help

I'm trying to render a drawing view in Wildfire 2.0, is this possible? (2 ans)
Q1-090105: Measurement Units

How do I get dimension by views on a drawing to appear in inches?
Q1-090104: Rope and Pulley

How can I define a rope and pulley mechanism in running condition?
Q2-081228: Constraint with Mechanisms

How can I use the same part in an assembly with regular constraints to be constraint with mechanisms without placing it all over again?
Q1-081228: CAD Software for Plumbing and Pipe Fitting

I would like some advice on which CAD software to use for plumbing and pipe fitting.
Q2:081219: Behavior Modeling

I need information on behavior modeling in Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 to calculate the volume of a bottle and choose parameters.
Q1:081219 Using Pro/E ModelCHECK

How do you use Pro/E ModelCHECK in Wildfire 2.0 to use in Excel or other software like Jlink to calculate model properties?
Q2-081218: Pro/E Molding and Skeleton Modeling

I want to learn molding and skeleton modeling. I donít know which books or website to use. Are there any recommended tutorial based websites?
Q1-081218: Compatibility Laptop and Pro/E (1 ans)

Can anyone tell me how to run Wildfire 4.0 on a Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo 5505 [2Gb RAM, 2.0GHz] laptop please?
Q2-081213: Assembly File Export

I get an error when I try to export an assembly file, can anyone help?
Q1-081216: Creating 3D Curves <2 ans>

Is it possible for me create points in Pro/E by providing the values in Excel format?
Q1-081204: Importing and Exporting IDF Files

When exporting or importing IDF files from Pro/E I seem to lose the silkscreen layer. Is there a special procedure for exporting this layer?
Q1-081208: Creating External Reference without Assembly Mode

Is there any way to create an external relation/reference to a sketch in another part without using assembly mode?
Q2-081208: Export File Types

Is there any way to export out of Pro/E to a NASTRAN file?
Q1-081205: Easy Way to Name Dimensions

Is there an easy way to view all the default dimension names of a model, and also be able to edit those dimension names in the same view type?
Q1-081210: Import Fonts in Pro/E

Is there a way to import Windows fonts to Pro/E.
Q2-081210: Screen Capture

Does ProE/ have a feature for capturing and saving a screen image as a .CGM?
Q2-081122: Mechanism Design

Does anyone have a recommendation concerning books about the use of Mechanism Design in Pro/E?
Q1-081122: How Do You Chart Multiple Assemblies in one BOM

How Do You Chart Multiple Assemblies in one BOM?
Q1-081119: Mapkey to Open Corresponding Drawing

I would like to have a mapkey which opens the corresponding drawing of a part or assembly, any suggestions?
Q3-081115: Pro/E Crashes When I start a New Session

When I click on New, it goes to New window as usual. When I click on new part, sketch or assembly, Pro/E exits the session.
Q2-081115: Spellcheck of Notes

How can I automatically check the spellings of all the notes entered in a drawing module?
Q1-081115: Change the Value Range of any Feature

How can I change the default range of any feature in part modeling?
Q2-081117: How Can I Create Ordinate Dimensions? (1 ans)

How Can I Create Ordinate Dimensions Automatically?
Q1-110708: Tablet PC interface

Are there drivers that allow the pen in a tablet PC to mimic a three-button mouse?
Q2-110708: Drawing Report

I am using Pro-Manufacture to machine parts in a CNC mill. Where can I access data in the fields that populate the Process Report?
Q3-081028: Problem Opening Drawings

I am having problems with opening drawings in Pro Engineer 4.0. I can only open Sketch.
Q2-081028: Convert a CATIA V5 Part to Pro/E

Is there any way to convert a CATIA V5 part to Pro/E whilst maintaining the model tree?
Q1-081028: Drawing in Wildfire 3.0

I put this part into an assembly. When doing a drawing of this assembly, the hidden lines are visable.
Q3-081023: Creating a Chain

I'm making a vertical carousel, which uses a chain and sprocket to make it travel in a oval path. Is there a way to create a chain around my pathway?
Q1-081023: Sketches vs. Cosmetic Sketches

Is there a way to make a cosmetic sketch be hidden by 3D surfaces?
Q1-081020: Pro/E Training

I am looking for information on where to find Pro/E training in the Spokane, WA area.
Q1-081017: Creating a Hole

How do you create a hole the size of M15 X 1.5?
Q2-081016: Pro/TOOLKIT

Can we use Pro/TOOLKIT to pull in dimensions with tolerances and zones (in drawing sheet) from a drawing to an excel spreadsheet?
Q1-081016: Making Two Surfaces Tangent

How can you make two surfaces tangent without having their sided curves tangent?
Q6-081015: Circular References (1 ans)

We are having lots of problems with an assembly model that has many circular references.
Q5-081015: Combing Pro/E and FiberSim

Is there somebody who has positive experience with the combination Pro/E and FiberSim?
Q4-081015: Session Terminated in Pro/E 4.0

My system is giving me a warning that I have short memory when working with large assemblies. It also says that the session may be terminated.
Q3-081015: Wildfire 3.0

Does anyone know how to show a list of files available in a workspace using JLink while a session of Pro/E is running?
Q2-081015: Conic Round Function

I have used the conic round D1 x D2 function with a conic parameter of 0.5. I would like to know how Pro/E generates the curve.
Q1-081015: Joint Connection Parameters in Relations

Is it possible to include gear connection parameters in relations?
Q1-081007: Problem in Selecting Sketches and Planes (1 ans)

I installed Pro/E Wildfire 4, but when I started a new part and tried to select the planes, I was not able to select the plane.
Q2-081002: Cosmetic Threads to Show in a Drawing (4 ans)

How do I get cosmetic threads to show in a drawing?
Q1-081002: Developing in Pro/E

Can anyone suggest any references for developing in Pro/E?
Q3-080926: Inserting a File Path

Is there a way to automatically insert a complete file path?
Q1-080930: Family Tables in Drawing (5 ans)

I have a 2D Repeat Region Table in a drawing in which the auto-populating is 4 parameters of a family table.
Q1-080929: Calculating the Weight of a Part (6 ans)

How do I calculate the weight of a part in Pro/E 3.0?
Q2-080929: Hardware Configurations for Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

What are the minimum hardware configurations for Pro/E Wildfire 3.0 for a personal computer?
Q2-080926: Calculate the Center of Gravity (5 ans)

How do I calculate the center of gravity of the model or part that I'm working on?
Q1-080926: Placement Constraints in Wildfire 2.0 (3 ans)

How can I give placement constraints in an assembly in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-080923: Adding Color to a Pattern (1 ans)

Is there a method to add color to a pattern in a part in Pro/E version 3?
Q3-080923: Duel Dimensions (1 ans)

I want to show duel dimensions in the drawing.
Q2-080922: Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 Certification (1 ans)

I would like to get my Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 certification.
Q1-080922: Add Custom Columns

I'm trying to add a column to my search results using advanced search.
Q4-080918: Viewing a Cross-Sectioned Assembly (2 ans)

How can I view a cross-sectioned assembly without cross-sectioning specific parts?
Q1-080918: Default Arrow Style (6 ans)

Is there anyway to change the default setting for the arrow style from closed to filled?
Q5-080918: Model Check

Is there a way to add model check with only spell check in drawing?
Q3-080918: Intergration with Windchill

Has anybody tried integrating SolidWorks with Windchill PLM software?
Q1-080917: Creating a Timing Belt

I'm trying to create a timing belt that has a slotted hole and two half circles connected with tangent straight lines.
Q2-080916: Sketching in Wildfire 4.0 (1 ans)

User is having trouble with finished size of a sketched object.
Q1-080916: Anitvirus for Wildfire

What is the most effective antivirus software for Wildfire that uses up the least amount of system resources?
Q1-080915: Data Exchange Pro/E to Cadstar (1 ans)

Does anyone have a working method to exchange data electronically between Pro/E and Cadstar, via the ECAD module?
Q1-080915: Data Exchange Pro/E to Cadstar

Does anyone have a working method to exchange data electronically between Pro/E and Cadstar, via the ECAD module?
Q3-080910: Drawing Revisions (1 ans)

Does anyone use the forbidden letters I, O, Q, S, X and Z (ASME Y14.35-1997) in their drawings revisions?
Q2-080910: Extrude Feature (5 ans)

Why is there no extrude feature for assembly?
Q1-0808010: Importing Sections (1 ans)

Does anyone know what variables control this behavior?
Q3-080909: Installing Pro/E (2 ans)

We are a German company that is setting up shop in North Carolina and need some help with installing Pro/E on our PC systems.
Q2-080909: Create a Surface (1 ans)

I would like to learn how to create a surface in Pro/E.
Q1-080909: Wrap Tool

Is it possible in Pro/E to use the wrap tool to extrude or cut onto the wrapped surface?
Q2-080902: Spiral Bend Tool

What is the industrial use of spiral bend tool?
Q1-080902: Multiple Model (1 ans)

How can I get the quantities correct in a multiple model BOM?
Q1-080829: Wildfire 4.0

Does anyone know of a way to bring map keys into Windchill 4.0?
Q1-080827: Create Fan Blades (3 ans)

How do I create fan blades in Pro/E WF 2?
Q2-080827: Human Assembly (1 ans)

Where can I get Pro/E human assembly? Is there any library where we can download the parts?
Q2-080826: Install Pro/E & Open Files

How to install Pro/E and open higher version files in a lower version of Pro/E?
Q1-080826: Create Mid-plane Using Midpoints (2 ans)

Do you know how to create a plane through three MID-points of three edges in a part?
Q1-080825: Units of Sketcher Mode (1 ans)

What is the unit of sketcher mode?
Q4-080821: BOM Balloons (2 ans)

Is there anyway to create more than one balloon per assembly component within a assembly drawing?
Q3-080821: Pro/E 2001 (2 ans)

How do you add dimensions in Pro/E 2001?
Q1-080821: Multi Sheet CGM Support

Does anyone know any particular settings in Pro/E to correct this issue?
Q2-080814: Format Parameter

Does anyone know how I can add the format and have the WC version parameter display correctly?
Q1-080814: Tips Needed for Wildfire 3.0

I need tips and shortcuts to be used in Pro/E Wildfire 3.0.
Q1-080812: Rib Feature (2 ans)

I am looking for a way to show the section view of a rib feature in a drawing.
Q2-080812: Importing into ADAMS

Does anyone know how parts and/or assemblies in Pro/E should be saved so I can import them in ADAMS/View?
Q1-080812: Rib Feature (1 ans)

I am looking for a way to show the section view of a rib feature in a drawing.
Q1-080811: Material Files (1 ans)

Where can I get .mat files?
Q3-080808: Wildfire 3.0 Training

I'm looking for a Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3.0 introduction training in San Diego or near to there.
Q2-080808: Locating Files in Wildfire 4.0

I have been using Pro/E Wildfire (recently upgraded to 4.0) for a few years and have an extensive file system.
Q1-080808: Start up in Wildfire 3.0

I have installed Wildfire 3.0 on Windows Vista. It installed just fine however now will not start up.
Q1-080806: Transform File

Do you know what the add-on needed to transform file from Rhino 3D to Pro/E?
Q1-080801: Saving a Pro/Engineer 4.0 File in 3.0 (6 ans)

Is it possible to save a project done in 4.0 in version 3.0?
Q6-080731: Color Schemes

Where is the dark blue shade coming from in the color schemes? I'd like gray or silver.
Q5-080731: Windchill and Pro/E Pro-Intralink

I would like to know the changes in PTC Windchill and Pro/Intralink.
Q4-080731: Square Wave Motion

Does anyone know how to create a square wave type motion with a rack and pinion gear mechanism?
Q3-0800731: Default Coordinate System (1 ans)

Can the default coordinate system be rotated/replaced Y-axis with Z?
Q2-080731: Tolerances in Wildfire 3

Is there a way to set the minimum tolerance of Wildfire 3 to anything lower than 10^(-4)?
Q1-080731: Problem with Rotate, Pan & Zoom in Thinkpad(1ans)

I just bought an IBM ThinkPad and I am having problem with Pan Zoom and Rotate.
Q1-080730: Pro/E Wildfire 4.0

Can anybody suggest me the best suitable graphics card for Pro/E Wildfire 4.0.
Q2-080728: Report Indexes in BOM

How do I set up a report index in increments of 10 with BOMs?
Q1-080728: Pro/e Command and Create Tools

Need information about how to use the Pro/E command and creating tools.
Q1-080724: Spring Design

I'm looking to create custom springs in Pro/E WF3.0.
Q2-080724: Toroidal Bend

What function does toroidal bend have?
Q2-080717: FroTime Generator

I'm looking for anyone with experience with a product called FroTime Generator. .
Q1-080717: Relations Not Appearing (1 ans)

I need to edit the existing relations for some dimensions, but when I open up the relations dialogue box, its empty.
Q2-080716: Pro Engineer Adobe 3D-PDF

We are currently exploring the Adobe 3D PDF save option.
Q1-080716: Pro/E Tutorial (2 ans)

Can anyone give the website where we get tutorial files (with some good example)?
Q1-080715: Ratchet Mechanism

Hi, I am trying to model I guess you would call it a linear ratchet.
Q1-080710: Piping Tutorial (1 ans)

I need pro piping or SolidWorks piping tutorials, please help me to find one.
Q3-080710: Create a Living Hinge (3 ans)

Has anyone created a living hinge feature on a part?
Q2-080710: Courses for Pro/E (1 ans)

I am desperately have interest to do course in Pro/E in Australia,detailed course only in Pro/E for 6months or 1yr
Q4-080707: Loading Software

I am a new user to the Pro/E world and I am having trouble loading the software on a pc not connected to the internet.
Q3-080707: Wildfire 4 (2 ans)

Q3-080707: Wildfire 4 (2 ans)
Q2-080707: Skeleton Modeling

Skeleton Modeling and how it works with the original model.
Q1-080707: Temporary Files

Temporary files are in Pro/E
Q5-080707: Changing Logo on Template

I want to modify the logo on our template.
Q1-080702: Conversion From Pro/E to Step

I have a big Pro/e assembly up to 500MB and I want to convert it into step file up to 150 MB but I am not able to reduce more than 250 MB.
Q1-080701: Change Default Lighting

I am attempting to change the default ambient color and default distance.
Q3-080630: Video Card To Run Pro/E (2 ans)

I have a HP xw6600 workstation and I'm looking for a suitable video card to run Pro/E.
Q1-080630: E-Drawing (2 ans)

The general purpose for e-drawing
Q2-080630: Use of Expo Function in Datum Curve From Equation

I am trying to create a logarithmic spiral datum curve using an equation.
Q1-080627: Drill Bits (2 ans)

Create drill bits in Pro/E, is there any tutorials on that.
Q1-080624: Wildfire3.0 M140 (2 ans)

When creating a PDF from the Pro/E tool bar icon there is an issue with the hidden lines that display in a detailed view.
Q3-080623: Configuration

Best way to create multiple configurations of the same part.
Q1-080623: Dash Numbers (1 ans)

Standard method for creating multiple dash numbers using Pro/e.
Q2-080623: Cuts in an Assembly (6 ans)

I have two parts that (in real life) get some machining at the part level, then they are bonded together and machined even further at the assembly level.
Q1-061708: Pro/E Drawing ( 16 ans)

In my drawing notes one line contains a numerical value. Can this value be parametrically controlled by one dimension within my part?
Q3-061708: Editing in WIldfire 3.0 (4 ans)

I received a PRT file and opened it using Pro/E part file.
Q2-061608: Running an FEA

I am interested in running an FEA using Pro/E and would like to know if I can directly import AutoCAD drawings into Pro/E to run the model.
Q1-061608: Wrap Feature/Text on a Helical Curve

Is there a way to wrap text several times around a cylinder, knowing the pitch and diameter of the cylinder.
Q1-080610: Wildfire 3

I am trying to create a drawing with broken views of a long but slender part.
Q2-080609: Pro/E Drawing Tutorials

Where can I get Pro/E drawing tutorials?
Q1-080609: Plotting Transparent Objects in a DWG to a PDF

I plot all the DWG files to a PDF creator (cutepdf writer)using MS Printer manager.
Q1-080605: Pro/Mechanics in Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

Dose anybody know if Pro/Mechanics could finish the following analysis task?
Q2-080604: Installation of Pro/Toolkit on Pro/E 2001 (1 ans)

How to install startup or floating licenses for Pro/Toolkit on Pro/E 2001?
Q2-080604: Installation of Pro/Toolkit on Pro/E 2001

How to install startup or floating licenses for Pro/Toolkit on Pro/E 2001?
Q1-080604:Using mnu-files with PDMLink 9.0

Does anyone have experience using mnu-files with PDMLink 9.0?
Q7-080530: Failed Assembly Wildfire 3.0 (3 ans)

I renamed a component part and now the assembly, that I created to prior, is not recognizing it.
Q6-080530: Silent or Unattended Installations

I am looking for SysAdmin type information on packaging Wildfire for fast, consistent installations on many machines.
Q5-080530: Bulk Items in a Process Plan Wildfire 2.0

Does anyone know how to convert a normal part to a bulk item?
Q4-080530: Making Cement Plant Drawing in Pro/E

Can Pro/E help in Cement Plant drawing making?
Q3-080530: Pro/E Software in the Philippines (1 ans)

Our company INGO MANUFACTURING PHILS.,INC, located in the Philippines is asking your help if there is an entity in the Philippines that distribute or sell Pro/E software.
Q2-080530: Training For Pro/E Software Fundamentals

How can I go about getting some exposure/training in Pro-E software fundamentals?
Q1-080530: Recommended Computer for Pro/E (3 ans)

What kind of computer is recommended when running Pro/E?
Q2-080516: Pro/INTRALINK (1 ans)

I am looking for information about Pro/INTRALINK. Where can I get some good notes, guidelines ect... about how it works?
Q1-080516: Surface Features in Wildfire 3.0 (3 ans)

I am working on a part that someone else created. There are several extruded surfaces that are invisible, and are used to create curves (and then swept protrusions).
Q3-080509: Mapping in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

Is there a mapping between Teamcenter engineering and Pro/E attributes?
Q2-080509: Editing Parameter Types in Wildfire 3.0 (2 ans)

I have a CAD part with few user defined parameters in it, coming from the startpart. The parameter type has to be changed, but it is greyed out.
Q1-080509: Thermal Analysis in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

Does anyone have tips for using thermal analysis in Mechanica?
Q4-080502: Helical Gear in Pro/E (2 ans)

How can I make a helical gear in Pro/E?
Q3-080502: Data Transfer in Pro/E (5 ans)

I want to translate files from Pro/E 2000i to SolidWorks 2008.
Q2-080502: Knurling in Wildfire 3.0 (2 ans)

Can anyone tell me how to show knurling and threading in Pro/E(any module)?
Q1-080502: Linking a Datum Table in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

How can I link an offset csys datum table to a drawing table Wildfire 3.0?
Q3-080425: Creating Tapped Holes in Wildfire 3.0 (2 ans)

How can I create tapped holes in Pro/E Wildfire 3.0?
Q2-080425: Groove Software in Wildfire 3.0

I want to know what is Groove software in PTC distributed services used for?
Q1-080425: Screw in Wildfire 3.0 (7 ans)

How do I create a screw to match a threaded hole (M4x0.7)?
Q1-080422: out.log File in Pro/E Wildfire 2 (3 ans)

I have found xyz_1__out.log.3 type of files with the assembly files of my project.
Q2-080416: Managing Family Tables in Windchill (1 ans)

A generic CAD part family table in Windchill PDMLink 8.0 does not contain the table listing in it.
Q1-080416: Turbine/Stater Blade Profile in Wildfire (1 ans)

How can I generate the profile of turbine blade in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-080415: Extruding an Arrow in Pro/E (1 ans)

On a cylindrical part how can I make an arrow of some specific dimensions and then extrude it in Pro/E?
Q2-080414: Converting a STEP Model to Pro/E (1 ans)

How can I convert a STEP Model to Pro/E?
Q1-080414: Springs in Wildfire 2.0/3.0 (1 ans)

How can I create wave springs in Wildfire 2.0/3.0?
Q7-080408: Changing from Mechanical Desktop6 to Pro/E (1ans)

I am interested in changing my current shop from Mechanical Desktop6 to Pro/E. How hard will it be to retrain our staff?
Q6-080408: Software Equivalent to PDM Link

Is there a software that is equivalent to Windchill PDM Link only cheaper?
Q5-080408: Pro/Piping Tutorials

I want to learn Pro/Piping. Are there any useful tutorials in net?
Q4-080408: Automatic Datum Axis in Wildfire 3.0 (3 ans)

If I am creating obround cut, and in that cut I want an Automatic datum axis, is there an option to create an automatic axis?
Q3-080408: Hiding Weak Dimensions in Pro/E 2.0

How can I hide weak dimensions in a sketch type format?
Q2-080408: Mirroring in Wildfire 3.0

How can I mirror an imported feature in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-080408: Square Spring in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

Does anyone know how to create a square spring in Wildfire 2.0?
Q3-080402: Titleblocks in Wildfire 3.0 (2 ans)

How do I create a custom titelblock in Wildfire 3.0?
Q2-080402: Unfold/Flatten a Sphere in Wildfire 2.0 (2 ans)

Take a sphere and cut it into 8 sections. Can you unfold and/or flatten a section of the sphere in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-080402: Problem Creating a Model in Wildfire 4.0 (1 ans)

When I load Wildfire 4.0 in Windows XP SP2 and also in Vista I am able to open Pro/E.
Q4-080331: Custom Welding Symbols in Wildfire 3.0

When I use the show and erase button, I have 4 decimal places that I don't want to be shown, so I would either know how to define the number of decimal places shown on the symbol, or know how to make my own welding symbols and use them with the show and erase button.
Q3-080331: System Color in Wildfire 2.0

How can I set the color and height of the text, dimension, like the STD_ISO file in Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-080331: Modeling a Parametric Hose/Cable in Wildfire 3.0

Is it possible to model a hose that is parametric in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-080331: Center of Pressure in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

How can we find the center of pressure of a surface in Wildfire 3.0?
Q2-080326: External Geometry Copy in Wildfire 2.0 (3 ans)

I can not see the shared data menu that contains copy geometry, inheritance, publish, etc. any idea why?
Q1-080326: Edge in Pro/TOOLKIT in Wildfire 2.0

Generally we select the edge, curve, surface by Pro/SELECT in Pro/TOOLKIT.
Q3-080318: Problems Running Wildfire (1 ans)

I purchased a new computer and my Wildfire license won't let me use my program.
Q2-080318: Imported Surface Repair in Pro/E

Can someone give me a detailed idea of imported surface repair and reconstruction in Pro/E?
Q1-080318: Blank Development of a Sheet Metal Part (1 ans)

How can I develop a 'blank' of a sheet metal part which is in IGES format in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-080314: Relations in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

If I have a cylinder(Piston) which extends 200mm.
Q3-080312: Wildfire 3.0 Style Command (1 ans)

I am using Pro/E Wildfire 3.0 and cant seem to get the style tool to work.
Q2-080312: Drawing Views in Wildfire 2.0

I have a drawing that has 18 pages and many section and detail views, is it possible to generate a list of all views, section views and detail views in a report or list, instead of searching each sheet for the last letter used?
Q1-080312: Extracting Information From Pro/E Files

Is it possible to extract information from Pro/E files without opening a Pro/E session?
Q3-080310: Modeling in Wildfire 2.0

How can I read a text file containing data for a geometry shape in Wildfire 2.0 for modeling?
Q2-080310: Bulk Item Measurements in Wildfire 4.0

We have several bulk item parts which cover the various paints we use. Is there any way we can use these parts to calculate the surface area of the assembly they are being applied to?
Q1-080310: Hiding Sketch Lines in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

Probably an easy function, but how can I hide or turn off light blue sketch lines that appear in my Pro/E assemblies?
Q4-080307: Setting up Windchill

I work for a small company that is considering setting up Windchill as our collaboration/document control program.
Q3-080307: Drawing Information in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

How can I add the weight of the each component into an assembly drawing in Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-080307: Edit Pattern Table in Wildfire 3.0

I want to edit a pattern table in Wildfire 3.0 but the Pro/Table will not open.
Q1-080307: Total Unfold Crossection in Pro/E 3.0

Can we generate a broken or partial view in Total Unfold Crossection in Pro/E 3.0?
Q1-080226: Protrusion in Wildfire 3.0 (3 ans)

In Wildfire 3.0 what is protrusion?
Q2-080225: Wildfire 3.0 Material Files (2 ans)

Can you download additional material files (.mtl) for Pro/E Wildfire 3.0 or you have to define new materials yourself?
Q1-080225: Converting SolidWorks Files to Wildfire (6 ans)

I have some SolidWorks assemblies that I want to convert into active Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 2.0 files (not just featureless IGES files).
Q2-080220: Launching Instances in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

How can I launch instances in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-080220: Mold Design in Wildfire 3.0 (2 ans)

Where can I get a tutorial on doing injection molding in Wildfire 3.0?
Q4-080213: Ordinate Dimensioning in Wildfire 2.0

In Ordinate Dimensioning, can the zero setting (baseline dimension) in one view be shared with the other view?
Q3-080213: Helmet Model in Wildfire 3.0 (3 ans)

How can I make a model of a helmet in Wildfire 3.0?
Q2-080213: Constraints in Wildfire 2.0

Is it possible to suppress/resume constraints/dimensions in a sketch via Relations or Pro/PROGRAM in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-080213: Converting Tools in Wildfire 3.0

I would like to get some tools for converting Pro/E 2001 to Wildfire 3.0.
Q2-080206: SolidWorks to Wildfire 2.0 File Conversion (2ans)

Does anyone know of a converter from SolidWorks to Pro/E? It needs to be cheep if not free.
Q1-080206: Inserting a Logo in a Drawing Frame (1 ans)

I am trying to insert a logo into a drawing frame format using Wildfire 2.0.
Q3-080205: Broken Views in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

How can I remove the broken views in an assembly in Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-080205: Pro/E Instances from STEP Files (2 ans)

I have made drawings from customer STEP files in Pro/E Wildfire 3.0.
Q1-080205: Creating an Involute Spline in Wildfire (4 ans)

How can I create an involute spline profile on a shaft in Wildfire 3.0?
Q4-080201: Changing the Start Part in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

How can I change start part in Wildfire 3.0?
Q3-080201: Aircraft Design in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

Where can I find a good base of information regarding aircraft modeling in Wildfire 3.0?
Q2-080201: Dimension Precision in Wildfire 3.0

How can I increase the dimension precision in part modeling in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-080201: Dimensions in Sketcher Mode in Wildfire (1 ans)

When I revolve a part I need to give the radial dimension, but I want to give the diametrical dimension in Wildfire 3.0.
Q1-080130: CFD in Wildfire 3.0 (3 ans)

I'm now using Pro/E Wildfire 3.0 and need to do some CFD or EFD analysis.
Q1-080129: Modeling Technique in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

How can we make model of a bicycle chain with the pattern command in Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-080128: Designing Springs in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

In Wildfire 3.0 how can I design a spring on a spring?
Q1-080128: Solidifying Surfaces in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

I have 30 or so surfaces I am merging together to create a solid in Wildfire 3.0. All surfaces seem to be merged and they all have a mesh when I pick the part surfaces.
Q3-080125: Common Part Name in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

How can I change the common name of a part in Wildfire 3.0?
Q2-080125: File Structure in Wildfire 3.0 (3 ans)

I am new to Pro/E and I am having trouble with assembly files.
Q1-080125: Creating Tables in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

I am looking for information on creating a table in Wildfire 3.0.
Q2-080123: Dimensional Values in Part Modeling (3 ans)

How can I increase the precision of a dimension in part modeling in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-080123: Creating an Instance in Pro/E (4 ans)

How can I create instances in Pro/E?
Q1-080115: Helical Sweep in Wildfire 2.0 (2 ans)

How do you make protrusion or cut with helical sweep in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-080111: NC Sheet Metal with Wildfire 3.0

How do I get started on NC Sheet Metal using Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-080107: File Retrieval in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

When I try to open an assembly file Pro/E crashes, is it because I purged the whole folder when I worked on this assembly last time?
Q3-080102: Custom Drawing Symbols in Wildfire 3.0

How do I create a filled triangle to use as a custom drawing symbol in detail drawings?
Q2-080102: Graphics Library in Wildfire 2.0

I found some graphics library(s) for sale online and am curious as to what exactly they are.
Q1-080102: Wildfire 2.0 and Windows Vista (5 ans)

Is Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 compatible with Vista?
Q1-071228: Style Features in Pro/E 2001 (1 ans)

I've been trying to use the style feature for a free form shape.
Q6-071226: User Defined Parameters in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

How can I show a user defined parameter in Layout Repeat region table in Wildfire 3.0?
Q5-071226: ProMold Tutorials

Where can I get notes or tutorials on ProMold?
Q4-071226: Imported Curves in Wildfire 2.0

I am using the .ibl format to import curves and to automatically create surfaces.
Q3-071226: Exporting an Assembly to a Parasolid

Is there an option to export an assembly to a parasolid in Pro/E 2001?
Q2-071226: Format & Templates in Pro/E (3 ans)

What is the difference between Format & Templates in Pro/E?
Q1-071226: Pro/E in the Polymer Industry (1 ans)

Is Pro/E software useful in the Polymer Industry?
Q3-071219: Helical Cut in Pro/E (2 ans)

How do you make a helical cut on the outside surface of a pipe from one end to the other wrapping around the pipe 6 times over the 24 inch long pipe?
Q2-071219: Dual Dimensions in Wildfire 2.0 (3 ans)

Is there a configuration setting for dual dimensions that places the secondary dimension to the right of the primary?
Q1-071219: Length of a Pipe Feature in Wildfire 3.0 (2 ans)

I have a part, a piece of rod, created with points and I need to know the straight length of the part prior to being bent into shape.
Q1-071218: Ext. Copy Geometry Feature in Wildfire 3.0 (1ans)

I used the Ext Copy Geom feature to create new geometry (model B) and than I renamed (using Intralink) the model (model A) that I used for Ext Copy Geom.
Q2-071217: Tables in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

I am inserting a table manually into a Pro/E 2D drawing.
Q1-071217: Fonts in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

I'm looking for a specific font that isn't in the Pro/E library. I need Romans Simplex if at all possible. Does anyone know where I can download a font folder or something to help me out.
Q2-071213: Geo Tol in Drawing in Wildfire 3.0

I am inserting a Geo Tol box, But when I need to select a datum letter in the primary sec or ter not all the datum letters appear in the pick box selection.
Q1-071213: Tolerance in a Family Table in Wildfire 2.0

Can any one suggest how to show the tolerance in the family table while using the drafting of Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-071212: Pro/E Drawing Using Broken Views

I am updating a drawing that utilizes over a 100 views. Most of the views that make up the drawing are broken views.
Q1-071207: Helical Gear Modeling in Wildfire (4 ans)

I am trying to model spur gear with helical tooth but without any success in Wildfire.
Q1-071206: Hardware Library in Wildfire 2.0 (5 ans)

I have been assigned the task of looking into weather it is cost affective to purchase a hardware package (i.e. screws,nuts, bolts, ect) or just download them from web sites.
Q1-071205: Placing a Sketch File in a Drawing (1 ans)

Is it possible to place a sketch of any feature as a view in a drawing sheet in Wildfire 2.0?
Q3-071203: Transferring DXF Files to Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

I am trying to import the DXF file of one part into the Wildfire 2.0 assembly mode, and trying to place it exactly in the correct position on one of the parts already in the assembly.
Q2-071203: Pro/E 2001 Student Edition Installation (2 ans)

In early 2005 and 2006 I attended a professional training courses by PTC on Pro/E 2001 and Pro/E Wildfire.
Q1-071203: Sketcher in Wildfire 3.0 Student Edition (4 ans)

I have a class project where we create a table of points in a different program that we want to create a spline through to define a CAM.
Q1-071129: Hellical Curves in Pro/E (3 ans)

How do you create a helical curve in Pro/E?
Q2-071128: Standard Parts Library in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

Can anyone tell me where can I find the Standard Parts Library in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-071128: Color in an Assembly in Wildfire 3.0 (6 ans)

I have Drawn many parts in part Platform in different colors but when I am calling them in assembly mode the whole assembly is seen in only one color.
Q3-071127: Multi-Screen Mode in Wildfire 3.0

I started multi-screen mode in Wildfire 3.0, with 2 monitors, VC:NVIDIA GeForce 7600GS, 1 DVI, 1 AVI.
Q2-071127: System Date in Wildfire 3.0 (2 ans)

How can we link the system date with Wildfire 3.0 so that whenever we open the drawing template it shows the system date?
Q1-071127: Welding in Wildfire 3.0

I want to weld two parts in assembly platform by selecting just edge in Wildfire 3.0.
Q6-071126: Sheet Metal and Welding in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

Where can I get tutorials for Sheet Metal and Welding in Wildfire 3.0?
Q5-071126: Plotter Manager in Pro/E (1 ans)

In our company we are using HP1320N Network printer at the same time as the HP Laserjet 5.
Q4-071126: Wildfire Training Centers

Can someone tell me where I can find an authorized Pro/E Wildfire training center in India.
Q3-071126: Cross Sections in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

How can I see a cross sectional view in assembly mode in Wildfire 3.0?
Q2-071126: Start Pro in Pro/E

In Pro/E what is Start Pro?
Q1-071126: BOM in the Assembly Mode Window (1 ans)

How can I show the BOM in the assembly mode window in Pro/E?
Q2-071120: Unit Setup in Wildfire 3.0 (8 ans)

I want to set units as 'mm' permanently since I always use units in 'mm'.
Q1-071120: Assembly in Pro/E

In an assembly with 3 components, 1 is always suppressed.
Q2-071119: Sheet Metal Workbench in Pro/E (2 ans)

What is the difference between unfold & flatten pattern in the sheet metal workbench in Pro/E?
Q1-071119: Pump Volute Modeling in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

I have an urgent assignment to make a horizontal split case pump.
Q2-071116: Creating Twisted Round Wire in Wildfire (2 ans)

In Wildfire 3.0 how can I create two twisted round wires?
Q1-071116: Units Manager in Pro/E 2001 (3 ans)

In units manager, I know how to set up my own unit but how can I make it default, so that I don't have to set it up every time I start a new assembly, part, drawings etc?
Q2-071115: Hand Drill Model for Wildfire 3.0

Would anyone have a model of a hand drill, or something like that?
Q1-071115: Layers and Formats in Wildfire 3.0

In Wildfire 2.0 I could access layers while in a .frm file. I used this to place notes on layers so that users could turn them on or off.
Q2-071113: Parameter Dialog Box in Wildfire 2.0

Is it possible to add a Pull Down Menu to the Value column in the Parameter dialog box in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-071113: Graphics Card Settings in Wildfire 2.0

I had Wildfire 2 running on an old Sony which was fine but after I installed it on a HP Workstation X6200 with an NVIDIA Quadro graphics card I found that when opening more than 4 paths the graphic performance goes down the drain, it's unworkable.
Q2-071109: Pro/E and Adobe PDF (5 ans)

Is it possible for Pro/E to publish a PDF file where you can search for text?
Q1-071109: Obtuse Geometries in Wildfire 3.0

How can you mate obtuse geometries in Wildfire 3.0?
Q3-071105: Writing Greek Letters in Drawing (3 ans)

How can I write the Greek letter "mu" in drawing in Wildfire 3.0?
Q2-071105: Pro/E 2001 vs. Inventor (1 ans)

Does Pro/E provide functionality like design accelerator in Autodesk Inventor does?
Q1-071105: Viewing the Child Other of a Feature (1 ans)

Is there a way to view what other PARTS that a FEATURE in a master or skeleton model effects in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-071101: Layer Command in Pro/E (3 ans)

How can I add solid geometry into a layer in Pro/E?
Q2-071030: Pro/E and Windows Vista (1 ans)

Can you install Pro/E in a Windows Vista operating system?
Q1-071030: Creating a 3D Sketched Feature in Wildfire (1ans)

Is there anyone who has the experience for generating a 3D section using Pro/Toolkit?
Q3-071026: Redefining Split Volume in Wildfire 3.0

I can't redefine the split volume in Wildfire 3.0. It's showing the message "Mold component volume extracted or has not been defined".
Q2-071026: Modeling a CAM Tube in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

I'm looking for suggestions on how to cut a slot wrapped around a tube in Wildfire 3.0.
Q1-071026: Electricity Break in Wildfire 3.0 (3 ans)

Is there a way to restore my work after accidental electricity break in Wildfire 3.0?
Q2-071025: Assembly File Size in Wildfire

Is there a limit to the size of an assembly file in Wildfire?
Q1-071025: Creating Fan Blades in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

How can I make Fan Blades in Wildfire 3.0?
Q2-071024: Data Exchange in Wildfire 2.0

I am trying to open CAD files saved in .stp format using Wildfire 2.0.
Q1-071024: Vista and Wildfire 3.0

I can't select datums in Wildfire 3 Educational. I am running Vista on a new Thinkpad X61T.
Q1-071023: Point Array in Drawing in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

I created an array of datum points using OFFSET CSYS option and they are either a cylindrical or spherical type in Wildfire 2.0.
Q2-071022: Splines in Wildfire 3.0

I am trying to figure out the number of splines, the circuit diameter, and the volume of a turbine in a torque converter in Wildfire 3.0.
Q1-071022: Hole Table Distinction in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

Is there a way to have Wildfire 3.0 identify the type of hole it is calling in a hole chart?
Q4-071018: Pause Mode in Wildfire 3.0

I can not get into most of my tools in Wildfire 3.0.
Q3-071018: Drawing Dimensions in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

I am looking for a method to show both the numerical value (@D) and it's symbol (@S) on a drawing dimension at the same time in Wildfire 2.0.
Q2-071018: Cabling in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

What would cause a connector not to show up in a drawing if it's in the assembly in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-071018: Connecting a Part in Pro/MECHANICA

How should a part in an assembly be connected in Pro/MECHANICA (new interface, new rigid link, new contact, ect.)?
Q2-071017: Right Angle Receptacle in Wildfire 2.0

Does anyone have an accurate model of a 78-pin, Amplilite HD-22 Right Angle Receptacle (sockets) Connector in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-071017: Silent Features of Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

What are the silent features of Wildfire 3.0?
Q3-071015: Part Dimensions in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

How can we find the fake dimension of parts in an assembly in Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-071015: Parameters in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

I want to add some default parameters in the parameter window, for ex. name-material_type, type-string.
Q1-071015: Questions About Pro/E Wildfire 2.0

I have multiple questions about Pro/E Wildfire 2.0.
Q1-071012: Wildfire 3.0 Accuracy

What is the accuracy of Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-071010: Repeat Component in Wildfire 2.0 (39 ans)

I just got upgraded to Wildfire 2.0 from 2001 with no training. In Pro/E 2001 I could assemble a bunch of parts using "Component, Adv Utils, repeat".
Q3-071009: Suppressing a Feature Note in Wildfire 2.0 (1ans)

I am creating a parametric model and I want to suppress a feature note when it is turned off (parameter set to no) in Wildfire 2.0.
Q2-071009: Changing Fonts in Wildfire 2.0

Is it possible to modify the font (type and size) of datum names (such as planes, axis, points etc) in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-071009: Table Pattern in Drawing in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

How do I show table patterns in a drawing in Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-071008: EAC Startup Tools in Wildfire 2.0

Has anyone used EAC Startup Tools in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-071008: Data Base for Pro/E Data Management

Is there any free Data Base available to manage Pro/E data for small group of people like Intralink?
Q1-071005: Going From 2D Images to 3D Models in Pro/E (2ans)

Is there a way to transform 2D images (jpg) into 3D models in Pro/E?
Q1-071004: Intralink 3.4 and Wildfire 2.0

My Wildfire session linked with Intralink hangs when any process is being done in the Workspace.
Q1-071003: System Specifications in Pro/E (1 ans)

What are the minimum system specifications to run Pro/E?
Q1-071002: Logos In Wildfire 2.0 (6 ans)

Can anyone tell me on how to incorporate a logo in a part model so that I can either extrude or cut into the part using Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-071001: Pro/INTRALINK Popup Window in Pro/E (1 ans)

When I start Pro/E, it loads perfectly and a pop-up window shows up and asking for the Pro/INTRALINK Login and Password.
Q1-071001: Mass of an Individual Component in the BOM (3ans)

How can I get the mass of the individual components of an assembly in the Bill Of Materials?
Q2-070928: Wall Thickness in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

Is there a way to check the minimum and maximum wall thickness of a die casting model in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-070928: Feature Colors in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

Is it possible to assign different colors for individual model tree features in Wildfire 2.0?
Q3-070927: Measuring Draft Angles in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

How do I measure the draft angle in core and cavity parts in Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-070927: Changing Line Thickness in Drafting (2 ans)

I'm unable to find the setting to adjust the line thickness of drawings when printed in Wildfire 2.0.
Q1-070927: Windchill 8

I am trying to work in Windchill. Whenever I go to the Product it says "Host is not a well formed address".
Q4-070924: Simplified Rep Name in Wildfire 2 (1 ans)

I want to hide the simplified rep name that is displayed in the graphics window in Wildfire 2.
Q3-070924: Intralink 3.x to PDMLink Migration (1 ans)

Has anyone used DKI Consulting to migrate their Intralink 3.x database to PDMLink?
Q2-070924: Analysis in Pro/MECHANICA (1 ans)

We are working on analysis of a tower structure fabricated by using aluminum pipes.
Q1-070924: Changing Axis Color in Wildfire 2 (1 ans)

How can I change the axis color in a drawing module in Wildfire 2?
Q1-092007: Model Colors in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

In Wildfire 2.0 I would like to add colors to the appearance editor that would actually look like the material they are representing: Stainless, Steel, Alum, chrome.
Q1-091707: Sheet Metal Assembly in Wildfire 3.0 (2 ans)

I am trying to create a model of an airplane wing but don't know how I can model the skin of the wing because of its complex contours.
Q3-091407: Advance Pro/MECHANISM in Wildfire 2.0 (2 ans)

Where can I get an Advance Pro/MECHANISM tutorial dealing with dynamic analysis of complex mechanisms?
Q2-091407: Wildfire 3.0 and Windows Vista (1 ans)

I can not get Wildfire 3.0 to install on Windows Vista can someone help me with this?
Q1-091407: Threaded Hole Callouts in Wildfire 3.0 (4 ans)

I am working in Wildfire 3.0 and I can not get the specifications for screw holes to display in the drawing, i.e. 1/4-20 UNC.
Q1-091207: Drawing in Wildfire 2.0

Is it possible to change the text height of symmetric tolerance in Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-091107:,, & Config.sup (5 ans)

What is,, and config.sup in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-091107: Part Modeling in Wildfire 2.0 (2 ans)

Where can I get tutorials for "MANUFACTURING" in Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-091007: Converting a SolidWorks Part to Wildfire 2

Is there a fast way to convert SolidWorks parts and drawings into Wildfire 2 so that they have all the properties and info that exists in the original file?
Q1-091007: Animation in Wildfire 2 (1 ans)

How do I make an animation of the assembly and how do I convert its type so that it can be played on windows media player in Wildfire 2?
Q1-090707: Basics of Pro/MECHANISM in Wildfire 2 (3 ans)

Where can I find some good tutorials for Pro/MECHANISM?
Q3-090607: Suppressing Drawing Notes & Features (1 ans)

When creating a drawing for a parametric component I am working on, I am unable to display dimensions for anything which is, or lies upon a compound angle in Wildfire 2.
Q2-090607: Increasing the Smoothness of a Model (2 ans)

How can I increase the smoothness of a model in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-090607: Mold and Cavity Design in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

How do I create mold and cavity design in Wildfire 3.0 educational edition?
Q1-090407: Sheet Metal Design in Pro/E (1 ans)

Can someone please give some general details about sheet metal design in Pro/E?
Q2-090307: Copy Geometry Relationships in Wildfire 3 (1 ans)

In Wildfire 3 What happens to modifications to models that have Copy Geometry relationships?
Q1-090307: Pro/E 2001 on Windows Vista (1 ans)

I'm still running 2001 for some projects, I'm looking at getting a new laptop with windows vista (as thats the only choice) but wondering if I'll have trouble running 2001 on it.
Q1-083107: Using NX4 with Windchill V8

Is anyone using NX4 with Windchill 8?
Q2-083007: Creating a Start Part in Wildfire 2.0 (2 ans)

How can I create a Start Part in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-083007: Light Pipe Design in Pro/E 2001 (2 ans)

I need to model a complex light pipe using and LED source in Pro/E 2001.
Q3-082907: Sketching an Arc in Wildfire 3.0 (5 ans)

How can I sketch an Arc with a certain length in Wildfire 3.0?
Q2-082907: Electrical Components Library for Wildfire 2.0

Does anyone know where I can purchase a electrical components library for Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-082907: Start Part in Wildfire 2.0 (4 ans)

Where can I find the start part configuration file in Wildfire 2.0?
Q3-082707: Drawing Frame in Pro/E (1 ans)

I made a drawing frame in format, and want to use it as a template in drawing.
Q2-082707: Empty Row Removal - Repeat Region BOM Table(3ans)

How can I remove the Empty Rows, in Repeat Region Bill Of Material Table in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-082707: Copying Coordinate System with Angles (2 ans)

I am designing a plastic tank with thickness for which the capacity should be 4.5 lts.
Q3-082307: Query Select in Wildfire 2.0 (2 ans)

Somehow my right mouse button will no longer allow me to Query Select in Wildfire 2.0.
Q2-082307: Detailing in Wildfire 3.0

Is there a font "True Type" or "Pro" that has crisp lettering with a "slash" through a "zero" and letter "I" with the "top and bottom lines" in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-082307: Mass Properties Reporting in Wildfire 2 (2 ans)

In Pro/E 2001 we used a relation (volume=mp_volume"") to feed mass property volume into a parameter.
Q1-082207: Family Tables & Drawings in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

I have a template part with a family table in it in Wildfire 3.0. The table has features that vary.
Q1-082107: Save & Rename in Wildfire 2.0 (5 ans)

I have a part and drawing, which is of that part. I want to bring up either the part or drawing and be able to save both at one time to a different directory, but also be able to rename them at the same time.
Q1-082007: Sheet Metal Part in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

How can I create a dimple on a bend sheet metal part in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-081707: Simulation in Wildfire 2.0 (2 ans)

How can I simulate an assembly in Wildfire 2.0?
Q3-081607: Blending Geometry in Wildfire 2.0

I have a Swept protrusion and a swept cut that mate in a curve.
Q2-081607: Special Characters in Wildfire 2 (1 ans)

When making a note "@[text@]" it puts the text into a box.
Q1-081607: Model Edges in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

When we are looking at the top view of my assembly, there is not enough contrast between the parts.
Q4-081407: Windchill 8 BOM (2 ans)

Does anyone know how to use the BOM (Bill of Materials) feature in Windchill 8.0?
Q3-081407: Special Use of Quilt in Pro/E (1 ans)

What is the special use of quilt in Pro/E?
Q2-081407: Advance Command in Pro/E

Can someone explain to me briefly how Advance Command works in Pro/E?
Q1-081407: Family Table in Pro/E (4 ans)

What is the process for drawing a Family Table in Pro/E?
Q7-081307: Part Sections in Pro/E (1 ans)

How do I make sections in a Pro/E part?
Q6-081307: Sweeping in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

How can I sweep between two faces that are different shapes in Wildfire 3.0?
Q5-081307: Style Tool in Wildfire 2

Where can I get detailed applications of style tools in Wildfire 2?
Q4-081307: Spring Mechanism in Wildfire 2 (1 ans)

How can I do a leaf spring mechanism in Wildfire 2?
Q3-081307: Mechanism Module in Wildfire 2 (1 ans)

Where can I get training material for Wildfire 2 mechanism dynamic analysis?
Q2-081307: Format Directory in Wildfire 3 (1 ans)

I insert that line into my to be able to choose the format when creating a drawing: pro_format_dir (+ the link to my dir).
Q1-081307: Bill of Materials in Pro/E (1 ans)

In Bill of Material how can we mention the hardness in Pro/E?
Q3-081007: Administration in Wildfire 3.0

Has anyone changed the value of a drawing parameter with a conditional statement on another drawing parameter in Wildfire 3?
Q2-081007: Dimensioning Drawings in Wildfire 2 (1 ans)

I am trying to dimension a countersunk hole in a drawing.
Q1-081007: Data Files in Wildfire 2.0

Is there anyway to import data from an excel file to a table directly instead of inserting the excel file into the drawing as an OLE object in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-080907: Blend Commend in Pro/E (1 ans)

How can I use the Blend Command with Feature Rectangle & Circle in Pro/E?
Q2-080707: Pro/E Windchill (2 ans)

Can someone tell me what Pro/E Windchill is?
Q1-080707: Drawing Problems in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

I have huge assemblies and I am using shrink wrap for constituent assemblies to reduce on time.
Q2-080607: Creating Templates in Wildfire 2.0

How can I create Pro/E templates (format) with relations and parameters in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-080607: Simplified Representation in Wildfire 3.0

Explain the options Assembly only, Geometry only & Graphics only in Simplified Representations in Wildfire 3.0?
Q3-080307: Highlighting Missing Dimensions in Wildfire(1ans)

In drawing mode how will Wildfire 3.0 highlight missing dimensions?
Q2-080307: Inserting Family Table Values in Wildfire (1 ans)

How do I insert my family table values into my drawing Table in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-080307: Drawing in Wildfire 3.0

I changed the projection angle in the drawing setup file into first angle but the arrows point as if it was third angle. What can I do to change this?
Q2-080207: Wildfire 3.0 with Vista Home Edition

I have a Sony Vaio VGN-C25G, and it came pre-installed Vista Home Edition.
Q1-080207: Unable to Open Saved File in Pro/E (1 ans)

Sometimes, after I copy the one part & drawing file to another folder, I can not open the drawing, it says "file not in this directory", why?
Q3-073007: FEA for Pro/E 2001

What 3rd party FEA packages are there available for Pro/E 2001?
Q2-073007: Mechanica Test Results in Wildfire 3

I am doing modal analysis on a test stand model built from engineering drawings and the results for the natural frequency are much higher than the actual Rap test using an accelerometer and an instrumented hammer.
Q1-073007: Broken View in Wildfire 3

Is it possible to do a broken view of a cross section as one view in Wildfire 3?
Q1-072607: Pro/E and Linux (7 ans)

Can Pro/E run on Linux?
Q1-072407: Changing Colors in Relations in Wildfire 1.0

I would like to change the color of a surface in my relations in Wildfire 1.0.
Q1-072307: Configurations in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

I'm new to Pro/E and I don't know how to show my assembly (tool) in the 2 required positions without creating 2 assembly files.
Q2-071807: Grid Dimensions in Pro/E

In Pro/E what are Grid Dimensions?
Q1-071807: Windows Vista and Wildfire 3.0 (3 ans)

Does Windows Vista support Wildfire 3.0?
Q2-071607: Redefining Dimension Datums in Wildfire 2.0(1ans)

How can I redefine dimensions in a Wildfire 2.0 drawing so the dimensions are referenced from the upper left in the drawing instead of the lower left?
Q1-071607: Installation of Pro/E 2001

Can we install Pro/E 2001 in XP Professional?
Q1-071307: Plunge Axis in Wildfire 2.0

How can I define(customize) the Plunge axis in Wildfire 2.0 manufacturing when we make a program for VOLUME - PROF?
Q3-071207: Piping Library for Pro/E

I am looking for a piping library that has all kinds of piping for Pro/E.
Q2-071207: Tool Profile Generation in Pro/E Prismatic

How do you create tool profile in Prismatic?
Q1-071207: Designing A Crane Hook in Pro/E 2001

I am having trouble creating a model of a Crane Hook, as it has two profiles, and I know it is done by using variable section sweep.
Q1-071107: Opening a Wildfire 3 Part in Wildfire 2 (10 ans)

Is it possible to open the Wildfire 3 models in Wildfire 2?
Q2-071007: Error Creating Shell Pairs in Pro/MECHANICA

I am trying to create shell pairs in Pro/MECHANICA for use in Ansys.
Q1-071007: Internal Volume of a Part in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

I am interested in calculating the internal volume of a complex shape and using this internal volume to conduct a CFD analysis and calculate the parts volume.
Q3-070907: Pro/Toolkit API for Save Path in Wildfire

What Pro/Toolkit API will retrieve the path without user interaction in which a Pro/E assembly will be stored while saving the assembly?
Q2-070907: Varsec Sweep in Pro/E 2000

How can I use the Varsec Sweep command to create a spiral tube in Pro/E 2000?
Q1-070907: C-Program in Wildfire 2.0

Does any one know how to link and compile the c-program with Pro/E Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-070307: Thread Mechanism in Wildfire 2.0 (3 ans)

I am trying to simulate the focusing of a lens cell in Wildfire 2.0.
Q1-070307: Creating Pro/E Templates (2 ans)

How can I create Pro/E templates(format)?
Q2-070207: Multiple Sheet Drawings in Wildfire 2.0 (3 ans)

I have created 3 separate part models but I want to create a multiple sheet drawing of the models (3 of 3) under 1 part number.
Q1-070207: Wildfire 3.0 Failure (8 ans)

What was the reason for the failure of Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-062707: Integrated Mode in Wildfire 2 (4 ans)

When I go to do analysis in Wildfire 2 I get the message "Mechanica not available" although I had it installed. How can I configure their interlink?
Q1-062607: Linking C-Program to Pro/E (1 ans)

Does any one know how to link and compile the c-program with Pro/E?
Q2-062507: Drawing a 3D Sketch in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

How can I draw a 3D sketch in the sketcher mode of Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-062507: UDF Library in Wildfire 3.0

In Wildfire 3.0 how does the UDF Library function?
Q3-061507: Circular Reference Parts in Wildfire 2.0 (11 ans)

How do I use the ".crc" file created in an assembly with circular references in Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-061507: Defining Parameters in Wildfire 2.0 (3 ans)

I would like to know how to rename the design parameters in Pro/E Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-061507: SolidWorks to Pro/E Conversion (2 ans)

How do I import SolidWorks models into Pro/E?
Q1-061407: Pro/E, Pro/MAN System Requirements

I will be going to Pro/E, Pro/MANUFACTURING, and Wildfire 3 with CG Tech Varicut simulation software.
Q2-061207: Helical Sweep in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

I have projected a line on cylinder for helical gear but I am unable to sweep the gear profile through this projected line in Wildfire 3.0.
Q1-061207: Model Check in Pro/E Wildfire 2.0

I'm trying to use this model check to reduce the time in checking certain standards in Wildfire 2.0.
Q5-061107: Exporting Cabling Models in Wildfire 2.0

What format should I use to export cabling models from Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 to be used by another user using CATIA?
Q4-061107: Windchill

Who are some other companies that would be utilizing Windchill (On Demand)l PDM and Projectlink?
Q3-061107: Parts Library for Wildfire 3.0

Where can I get standard parts like bolts & nuts in Wildfire 3.0?
Q2-061107: Helical Gear in Wildfire 3.0 (2 ans)

How can I generate a helical gear in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-061107: CAD Data Exchange Inventor to Pro/E

3D/2D CAD Data can successfully be imported from Inventor 5.3 into Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 in IGES or STEP format.
Q2-060807: Pro/E with Windows Vista

Does anyone know if Pro/E works for Windows Vista or if a new version will be coming out to work with Windows Vista?
Q1-060807: Parameters in Wildfire 3.0

I want to know about the application of parameters used in Wildfire 3.0 with some examples.
Q3-060707: Swept Blend in Wildfire 3.0

What are the advantages and limitations of swept blend in Wildfire 3.0?
Q5-060707: Repeat Region in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

I have created a 2D repeated region, and I want to change the names on the upper cells from horizontally to vertically in Wildfire 3.0.
Q4-060707: Family Tables in Pro/E 2.0

Can somebody explain UDF's and family tables in Pro/E 2.0?
Q2-060707: Skeleton Model in Pro/E (2 ans)

In Pro/E what is Skeleton Model?
Q1-060707: Hide and Suppress in Pro/E (4 ans)

How is hide different from suppress in Pro/E?
Q1-060607: Customer Information (3 ans)

How does everyone give solid model files (outlines drawing) out to their customers without giving out a model that is totally measurable, so that it can be reversed engineered?
Q3-060507: Editing Features in in a Part in Pro/E (2 ans)

I received an IGES file and opened it using Pro/E part file. The model tree shows import features. How can I break down the import features so that I am able to see how the part is modeled and make changes to it if needed?
Q2-060507: Source Code of Java in Wildfire 2.0

How can I change the Dimensional Parameter of the component by using Java Applete in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-060507: Controlling Sections in Wildfire 2.0

I am having a lot of problems controlling the sections of Ribs for round cylinders in Wildfire 2.0.
Q4-060407: Knurling in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

Can any one tell me how to create or show Knurling on a part in Wildfire 2.0?
Q3-060407: Sketch Validation in Wildfire 3.0 (2 ans)

Is there a way to make Wildfire 3.0 show me where there are problems in a sketch?
Q2-060407: Modeling in Wildfire 3.0

I want to model a bevel gear/face gear in Wildfire 3.0 which should be a parametric.
Q1-060407: Drawing in Wildfire

I did all dimensioning by Show/Erase method in drafting. By mistake in the drawing view properties I changed simplified representation to Geometry representation.
Q1-060107: 'All Around Symbol' in Drawing in Wildfire(1 ans)

Does anyone know how to place the 'All Around Symbol' on the leader of a note or a dimension in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-053107: Autobuilds in Wildfire 2.0

What is 'Autobuilds' and what is its use in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-053007: Importing Files from Wildfire 2 to Ansys 10.0

I need to import my Wildfire 2 file to Ansys 10.0 without going through IGES format, in order to protect the minor detail of the object.
Q1-052907: Is Pro/E Better and Why (12 ans)

What is Parametric? Is Pro/E is better than other CAD packages? How?
Q5-052807: Trouble Using Wildfire 3.0

I am having a lot of troubles trying to use Pro/E 3.0 Wildfire on my laptop Hewlett Packard DV2125LA.
Q4-052807: Importing Point Clouds into Pro/E (2 ans)

I have been talking with a metrology person that says he can create a point cloud for me.
Q3-052807: Skeleton Part in Wildfire 3.0 (2 ans)

When I create a top-down assembly with a skeleton part, the skeleton part doesn't appear in the drawing in Wildfire 3.0.
Q2-052807: Creating Turbine Blades in Pro/E 3.0 (2 ans)

How can I create turbine blades in Pro/E 3.0, specifically their end radius?
Q1-052807: Exporting Model Tree Data into Excel (2 ans)

How can I export model tree data into an excel file in Pro/E?
Q1-052507: Tutorial for a Bevel Gear in Wildfire 2.0

I want to model a bevel gear/face gear in Wildfire 2.0.
Q1-052407: Logo's On Parts in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

Can anyone please tell me how I can include logo's on parts in Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-052307: Design in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

How can I create/link a datum axis through the center of gravity for an assembly, for the purpose of creating rotational fixturing in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-052307: Creating a Spiral Curve in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

How can I create a spiral curve by equation in Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-052107: Files in Pro/E (1 ans)

What is the difference between and Config.sup and Congig.Win?
Q1-052107: Using Wildfire 3.0 Without the Internet (5 ans)

How can I load Wildfire 3.0 onto a Laptop that will not ever be on the web?
Q1-051807: Surfacing in Pro/E

How do I do surfacing in Pro/E using ISDX,FACET FEATURE, STYLE, RESTYLE?
Q2-051707: Trail Files in Wildfire 2.0 (5 ans)

What is the purpose of trail files in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-051707: Exporting from Wildfire 3 to Wildfire 2 (1 ans)

Is there a way of exporting models from Wildfire 3.0 to enable them to be used in Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-051607: Thread Hole Command in Pro/E

The thread hole command up to the next surface option is not available.
Q1-051607: Tangent Sheet Metal Flange in Wildfire 3.0

Why are the Mitre cuts hit and miss in Wildfire 3.0?
Q2-051507: Pro/PROGRAM in Wildfire 3.0 (3 ans)

When I open a model(say a bolt) software should prompt me to enter the values such as bolt diameter thread length etc.
Q1-051507: Parametric Table in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

How can I create a parametric table for a family table in Pro/E Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-051407: Feature Recognition in Wildfire 2.0 (4 ans)

I have a model in CATIA, which when imported into Pro/E I need the same model tree as in CATIA.
Q2-051107: Interchange Assembly in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

In Wildfire 2.0 what does 'Interchange Assembly' mean?
Q1-051107: 'Accuracy' in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

What is 'Absolute Accuracy' and 'Relative Accuracy' and its function with an assembly in Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-051007: Using OpenGL in Wildfire 2.0 Student Edition

Does anybody know how to implement software OpenGL in Wildfire 2.0 Student Edition?
Q1-051007: Sub-Folders and Search Paths in Wildfire (3 ans)

I have a sub-folder in my working folder with some parts that I need to add to an assembly, I have then added a search path in the but it still will not pick up these parts in Wildfire 3.
Q1-050907: Pro/E Student Version Compatibility (1 ans)

Is Pro/ENGINEER Student Version 2001 compatible with the Windows XP service pack 2?
Q3-050407: Using Wildfire 3 on Multiple Machines (1 ans)

Is it possible to install Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 3 on an external hard drive and use on different machines?
Q2-050407: Drawing in Wildfire 2.0 (3 ans)

Where can I find drawings for practice in Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 as a starter?
Q1-050407: Problems Opening Pro/E

I am not able to open my Pro/ENGINEER.
Q1-050307: Family Tables in Wildfire 2.0 (3 ans)

Is it possible to save an instance from a family table as a single part in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-050107: Thread Profile in Pro/E Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

How can we make major or minor thread in Wildfire 3.0?
Q2-042707: Top Down Approach in Pro/E (3 ans)

What is the difference between a Top Down Approach and a Bottom Up Approach in Pro/E?
Q1-042707: System Requirements in Wildfire 2 (2 ans)

I am planning to buy ASUS P5W DH Deluxe mother board, Intel CPU Core 2 Duo E6700 2.67GHz FSB1066MHz 4MB LGA775 Dual-Core Conroe 2, quadro fx 3000 or 5100.
Q2-042607: Excel Table Visibility in Drawings (2 ans)

When I import an Excel spreadsheet into a drawing, it comes in black on black (with the drawing background being black) in Wildfire 3.0.
Q1-042607: Hidden Lines in Drawings in Wildfire 2 (3 ans)

Can anyone tell me how to get my hidden lines to be dashed in drawings in Wildfire 2?
Q2-042407: Sketcher in Wildfire 3.0

Sketcher is very slow in Wildfire 3.0.
Q1-042407: Flow in Wildfire 3.0 (3 ans)

How can I show the flow of oil or fluid in pipe line (Animated) using Wildfire 3.0?
Q3-042307: Pro/E Training (3 ans)

Where can I get training in Pro/E? I live in Fort Wayne, IN.
Q2-042307: DXF Conversion in Wildfire 2.0 (2 ans)

Does anyone have or know of a simple step by step set of instruction on how to open a 2D (DXF, DWG) CAD file and convert it into a Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 Model?
Q1-042307: Mold Tutorial for Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

How can I find tutorials for plastic mold designing in Pro/E Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-042007: PTC Certification Exam for Wildfire 3.0

How can I take the PTC certification Exam?
Q1-041807: Parametric Modeling in Wildfire 3.0 (2 ans)

How do you do parametric modeling of a Straight and spiral bevel gear in Pro/E Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-041607: Calculating MOI's in Pro/E (1 ans)

I need to find out how Pro/E calculates MOI's.
Q2-041307: Human Hand in Wildfire 2.0 & SolidWorks 2007

I need a 3D model of a human hand. female if possible. IGES or Pro format is OK.
Q1-041307: Belt Animation in Pro/E (1 ans)

I am trying to make an engine animation in Pro/E. Can I make a belt move using the animation tool?
Q1-041207: Backwards Compatibility in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

Can I open a Wildfire 3.0 model in Wildfire 2.0 and still have parameters that can be edited?
Q1-041007: Tolerance in Wildfire 2.0 (2 ans)

What is the setting that shows a +(positive) sign before upper tolerance of 0 in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-040907: PDM Software Recommendation (1 ans)

I am contracting for a small company who I've had a relationship with for a while. They currently do not use any PDM software; however, they are at the cusp of becoming a large company.
Q3-040507: Pro/E 2000 Shell Thickness

I am trying to make a cut in a plate while keeping both sides in Pro/E 2000.
Q2-040507: Detailing in Wildfire 3.0

Is there a way to change the appearance of things like Detail View circles and Cross-Section Lines in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-040507: Windchill 8.0 Database Layout (1 ans)

Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the Windchill 8.0 database layout?
Q5-040407: Envelope Manager in Assembly Mode

While using envelope manager in assembly mode why is the part is going out from the model-tree menu?
Q4-040407: Selecting a 3D Curve or Edge in Pro/E

How can I select a 3D curve or edge of a component(entire -curve,during selecting i.e is coming in segment) while I am calculating the curve-length?
Q3-040407: Ellipse in Sketcher Mode in Pro/E (2 ans)

Why ellipse doesn't rotate in sketcher mode in Pro/E?
Q2-040407: Advice on PDMLink 8.0

We are thinking of purchasing PDMLink 8.0 as well as the Medical devices template.
Q1-040407: ISDX and Advanced Assembly Extension (3 ans)

Where can I find a good ISDX and Advanced Assembly manual and/or tutorial?
Q2-040307: PDF Using .DTL File in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

Is anyone else having issues with the embedded PDF writer in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-040307: Opening a .DGN File in Wildfire 2.0

How can you open a .dgn file (Microstation file) in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-033007: How to Make a Table Like Excel in Wildfire (1ans)

I have 3 assemblies and I would like to know what their weight is.
Q3-032907: Tolerance Analysis in Wildfire 3.0

I am looking for a way to do a subsystem level tolerance analysis in Pro/E Wildfire 3.0.
Q2-032907: Pro/Manufacturing in Wildfire 2.0

Are there any really good Pro/Manufacturing (Wildfire 2.0) users out there?
Q1-032907: Pro/Web Link in Wildfire 3.0 (2 ans)

What is Pro/Web Link in Wildfire 3.0?
Q3-032807: Transferring Data from Delphi to Wildfire 3.0

Is it possible to transfer data from Delphi to Wildfire 3.0?
Q2-032807: Mechanical Problems with Beams in Wildfire 2

I'm a student and busy with making my final paper. We're developing a framework for a test car.
Q1-032807: Finding the Area of a Selected Surface (2 ans)

Is there any option to find the area of Selected surfaces in Pro/E?
Q1-032707: Bill Of Materials in Wildfire 3.0 (2 ans)

How do I get the mass (Weight) of the 3D Model in the Bill Of Material in Pro/E Wildfire 3.0?
Q2-032607: Mapping File in Wildfire 2.0

I need some help with the hint mapping file in Wildfire 2.0.
Q1-032607: Hidden Lines Come Out Solid in PDF (2 ans)

When I create a PDF of my drawing, the views that have their display type set to wireframe all hidden lines come out with solid hidden lines - except for one, which comes out correctly dashed in Wildfire 3?
Q1-032107: Layout in Wildfire 2.0

How do you use the layout in a top down assembly in Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-032007: Motion Analysis in Pro/E (2 ans)

In Pro/E how do you do motion analysis for a thread object?
Q1-032007: Dynamic Analysis in Pro/MECHANICA (2 ans)

How do you conduct Dynamic Analysis in Pro/MECHANICA?
Q2-031907: Plot to PDF Using Distributed Pro/BATCH

The line output in PDF does not seem to read the pentable settings.
Q1-031907: ProCabling in Wildfire 3.0

I wish to know is there any Industry in Mumbai India using ProCabling & ProDiagraming successfully?
Q2-031607: Adobe Acrobat on Wildfire 3 (1 ans)

We have Wildfire 2 and are preparing to upgrade to 3, our current install of Wildfire 2 has a print to PDF button when in drawing mode, my test machine with Wildfire 3 does not.
Q1-031607: Saving as a PDF in Wildfire 3.0

Is it possible to add water marks when creating PDF from Drawings Using Distributed Pro/Batch in Wildfire 3.0?
Q4-031307: Simplified Representation in Pro/E (3 ans)

In Pro/E 2001 and Wildfire1 what is Simplified Representation?
Q3-031307: Hole Table in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

How do you create a hole table in Wildfire 3.0?
Q2-031307: Simplified Interchange Assemblies in Wildfire 2.0

I have a problem with simplified interchange assemblies in Wildfire 2.0.
Q1-031307: Graphics Cards for Pro/E (1 ans)

How do we decide the graphics card for Pro/E software?
Q4-031207: Pro/Pipe Tutorial (1 ans)

Where can I find a good Pro/Pipe tutorial?
Q3-031207: Colors of a Patterned Threaded Hole

I have a patterned threaded hole created in Wildfire 2. If you move the mouse over these threaded holes they show up all in purple color.
Q2-031207: Bevel Gear in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

Can someone please forward the bevel gear making technique PDF file for Wildfire 3.0 to
Q1-031207: Numbered File Names in Wildfire 3.0 (8 ans)

I'm trying to simplify my file management in Windows XP, and moving around multiple numbered versions of parts and drawings has become a hassle.
Q1-030607: Wildfire 3.0 not Launching (6 ans)

Can someone tell me the basics to why Pro/E Wildfire 3.0 will "not" launch?
Q2-030607: Converting Pro/INTRALINK Files (1 ans)

How can I convert Pro/INTRALINK file from Wildfire 3.0 to Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-030507: Soil Slippage in COSMOSMotion (1 ans)

A rover moves on a sandy surface, in reality the rover has some slippage. How can I create the soil slippage in COSMOSMotion?
Q1-030507: Controlling Trajectory in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

How can I control a trajectory path using relations in Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-030207: Electronic Instruction Manual for Pro/E (1 ans)

Where can I get an electronic instruction manual for Pro/E?
Q1-030207: Creating a PDF in Wildfire 3.0 (2 ans)

In Pro/E Wildfire 3.0 I am having trouble saving a drawing in PDF.
Q2-022807: Installing Wildfire 3.0 Education Version (2 ans)

I have the crack file in Wildfire 3.0 Education Version where it asks about the hostname you see in Pro/E-02 it only takes the host ID but here we have to give all. Can someone help me with this?
Q1-022807: Pro/Mold Manufacturing File in Wildfire 3.0(4ans)

In previous versions of Pro/E Wildfire when I backed up a .mfg file all components including the original part were copied to the new location.
Q1-022707: Repeat Region Balloon in Wildfire 3.0 (4 ans)

I have a repeat region set to No Duplicates. The different parts with same description are grouped together with added quantity.
Q1-022007: Macros in Pro/E (3 ans)

Does Pro/E supports macros(or command line programming), like Ansys?
Q4-021907: Drawing Formats in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

I was wondering if there was a website that offered standard drawing formats for Pro/E, or do I have to create my own from scratch?
Q3-021907: VPN Connection Issue in Wildfire 3.0

I have been using VPN to access Pro/E remotely without any problem in the past.
Q2-021907: Round in Wildfire 3.0 (2 ans)

Is it possible to make round between two cylindrical extrusions in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-021907: Save File in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

How can I detach the drg. from its model when working with Teamcenter in Wildfire 3.0?
Q3-021607: Exporting 2D Drawings with Splines (2 ans)

I am using Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 and attempting to export 2D drawings to a DXF format required by an external vendor (laser cutter).
Q2-021607: Mouse Trouble in Pro/E 2001 (2 ans)

I have a wheel/scroll mouse and my scroll button is not working as the middle button in the software in Pro/E 2001.
Q1-021607: Parametric Table in Wildfire 3.0

How can I add a parametric table in the drawing of an assembly with rectangular components of various lengths and breadths in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-021407: BOM Balloons in Wildfire 2.0

I want to know if it is possible to create balloons for sub-assemblies that are present as 'sub-regions' on a table in Wildfire 2.0.
Q2-021307: LCD Monitor for Wildfire 3.0 (6 ans)

I am looking for a good LCD monitor for Pro/E Wildfire 3.0. Does anyone have a recommendation for one?
Q1-021307: Data Exchange in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

How can I open AutoCAD 3D solid in Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 and can I do analysis on that part in Mechanica?
Q1-021207: Nvidia GeForce 8800 gtx Performance (1 ans)

We have recently upgraded from a FireGL X2 -256 AGP system to a Nvidia Geforce 8800 GTX system.
Q3-020907: Extracting a Surface in Wildfire (1 ans)

I want to extract the parametric (or uv curves) surface from imported data in Wildfire.

Does anyone know of a way to turn the menu manager back on in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-020907: Creating an Impeller Blade in Wildfire 2.0 (1ans)

I'm trying to model an impeller blade in Wildfire 2.0 can anyone direct me in the correct way to do this?
Q1-020807: Model Setup in Wildfire 3.0

In the Model Set Up Room for PhotoRendering, every so often the 'room' will fly off to some unseen part of the work, and I cannot get my object back into the room no matter how I resize or rotate it in Wildfire 3.0.
Q3-020707: "Through Until" and "To Selected" Commands

What is the difference between "through until" and "to selected" commands in Pro/E?
Q2-020707: XTOP.EXE in Pro/E (1 ans)

My software keeps popping up a window that says, "xtop.exe is attempting to connect to a DNS server".
Q1-020707: Using Filters for Family Table Data (1 ans)

I have a problem using filters in drawing for Family table instances in Wildfire 3.0.
Q1-020607: Pro/E License Server Issues (1 ans)

I have Pro/E on my laptop and it won't load b/c I have both wireless and an Ethernet card.
Q1-020507: Machine Simulation in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

We are looking for a good machine simulation software that will work with Wildfire 3.0.
Q3-020207: Mirroring in Wildfire 2.0 (2 ans)

Can anyone tell me how to do mirroring in a connecting rod Pro/E Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-020207: Assemblies and Family Tables in Wildfire (1 ans)

I have an assembly which contains (2)components that are each instances of their family tables in Wildfire 3.0.
Q1-020207: Helical Gear Tooth Modeling in Wildfire 2.0(1ans)

Can anyone advise on how to model a helical form on a spur gear in Wildfire 2.0?
Q3-020107: Converting Pro/E files to Acrobat 7.0 PDF (1 ans)

I am using acrobat 7.0 to convert Pro/E files to PDF format.
Q2-020107: Measurement Tool in Wildfire 3.0

What happened to the measurement tool in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-020107: Inserting TIFF Images in Wildfire 2.0 (2 ans)

How do Pro/E users typically insert TIFF artwork into a drawing and have it appear as the actual artwork (not a logo) both on screen and after plotting in Wildfire 2.0? Please be specific with required steps.
Q2-013007: Family Table in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

Can someone give me a basic explanation of how to work in Family Table in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-013007: Circular Reference in Wildfire 2.0 (4 ans)

Can anyone tell me what circular reference is in Wildfire 2.0 and how to avoid it?
Q3-012907: Pro/E Model Display in Wildfire 2.0

I found problem with part model display. It doesn't show me fully shaded, even in shaded mode.
Q2-012907: Pro/E Flex Server Installation

I have Pro/E 3.0 and when I go to install the license flex server it ends up crashing.
Q1-012907: Auto Ordinate Placement in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

When I use auto ordinate to dimension a drawing, how can I get it to put the dimensions on the opposite side of the view than where it does by default in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-012607: Development of a Flat Surface in Wildfire (2 ans)

Please let me know how to develop the surface for the following: A 3D model was created using 'create general blend, in sheetmetal, having half a Square bottom and half a Circular' top.
Q2-012507: Config/PRO for Wildfire 3.0

I have not used Pro/E for a couple of versions, I am look for anyone you might have a copy of Config/PRO that I can look at to start one of my own.
Q1-012507: Interference Check in Wildfire 3.0

I just upgraded to Wildfire 3.0. Whenever I do an interference check option pairs clearance it detects interference but is very tough to find out the region of interference.
Q3-012207: Basic Tutorial for Pro/E Wildfire (2 ans)

I am beginner to Pro/E Wildfire. So I would like to request you that please send me such useful information which can I start learning Pro/E (with tutorial).
Q2-012207: Graphics for Sheet Metal in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

I create graphics using Adobe Illustrator CS and AutoCAD LT 2007 to show terminal connections, LED designations, electrical ratings and logos which are in 2D.
Q1-012207: Importing Images into Wildfire 2.0 (10 ans)

How can I import an image (jpeg, bitmap, etc...) I want to place the image scale it and use it as a quick visual reference to create a part in Wildfire 2.0.
Q2-011807: Pro/Batch in Wildfire 3.0

Is it possible to schedule distributed Pro/Batch to search new drawings at the end of the day and create PDF and DWG output for the same in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-011807: Opening Educational Version Models (3 ans)

How can I open education version models in Wildfire 2?
Q1-011707: Improvements to Pro/E Wildfire

Can someone give me some detail on the use and need for the next improvement of Pro/E Wildfire?
Q1-011607: Increasing the Size of BOM Balloons (4 ans)

How can I increase the size of BOM balloons in an e-size drawing in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-011207: Opening Pro/E Files in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

Being a new user of Wildfire 3.0, there are files that I have that were generated in another Pro/E version and I cannot open them in the Wildfire 3.0.
Q2-011107: Installing Pro/MECHANICA (1 ans)

Can someone please explain to me how to properly install Pro/MECHANICA?
Q1-011107: Hardware for Wildfire 3.0

I just installed my two versions of Pro/E on a new computer, and now the middle mouse button will not work with either version.
Q2-011007: Viewing the Feature Tree (2 ans)

Is there any way to view a component's feature tree during while it is being placed/constrained in the assembly?
Q1-011007: Part Manipulation Using Part Names in Pro/E(3ans)

I want to suppress features, change dimension value etc, by using the part name in Pro/E 2002.
Q1-010907: BOM Balloons in Pro/E (1 ans)

How can you show BOM balloons for a Simplified Representation in Pro/E?
Q1-010807: Arrays in Pro/E (1 ans)

How can we make arrays using Pro/E?
Q2-010507: Wildfire 2.0 Trial Version (1 ans)

I have installed Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 Trial Version and I am getting the following error message: "License request failed for feature ProE_Preview: -5 No such feature exists."
Q1-010507: Spring in Wildfire 2.0 (2 ans)

What is the easiest way to create a spring in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-010407: Trail and Training Files for Wildfire 2.0

How do you use the trail and training file option in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-010307: Geometric Tolerance in Detailing (2 ans)

1. How can I Place Geometric tolerance frame vertical? 2. How can I assign reference datum to circular surface ex.hole surface?
Q5-010207: Blend Section to Surface in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

Can somebody explain with an example how to use the 'Cut' option in 'Blend Section to Surface' in the 'Advance' option of 'Insert Menu' in Wildfire 2.0?
Q4-010207: Wildfire 3.0 Student Edition License

I Installed Wildfire 3.0 Student Edition and retrieved a license file over the internet.
Q3-010207: Drawing in Wildfire 2.0

I have few question about drawing in Pro/E Wildfire 2.0.
Q2-010207: Trial of Pro/E 3 (1 ans)

Where can I get a trial version on Pro/E 3?
Q1-010207: Pro/toolkit in Wildfire 2.0

Can Any one help to setup and compile a Pro/toolkit program in Wildfire 2.0?
Q4-122606: Pro/Program in Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

I want to learn programing in Pro/E to automate the design process.
Q3-122606: Pro/Mechanica Configaration in Wildfire 2.0

I have Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 Installed with Pro/Mechanica. The motion Problem is whenever I try to run analysis in Pro/Mechanica Motion I'm getting error no compiler.
Q2-122606: Surface Development in Wildfire 2.0

Can someone help me with surface development in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-122606: Printing Problem in Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 (3 ans)

Is anybody having a problem with printing Pro/E's drawing after installing Pro/E Wildfire 2.0 the first time?
Q1-122206: Transferring Family Table in Wildfire 2.0 (2 ans)

I have made a part with family table having 9 instances & 15 Parameters (columns) in family table. I want to make a common drawing for all 9 instances & for those 15 Parameters which will vary from instance to instance I want to add a table in Wildfire 2.0.
Q3-122106: Version Control in Pro/E Wildfire 3.0

I was wondering if there's a way to turn off Pro/E automatic versioning system when naming saved files.
Q2-122106: Standard Parts in Wildfire 2.0 2 ans)

Is there any pre-built library where I can get standards parts(Nuts Studs,Bolts,Washers )as if I do with symbols in my drawing mode in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-122106: Datum Plane Tag Size

How can we change the font size of a Datum Plane Tag in Pro/E?
Q4-121906: Surface in Pro/E (6 ans)

What does surface mean in Pro/E?
Q3-121906: Sketched Flange on SheetMetal in Wildfire (2 ans)

Can anyone tell me how to redefine the sketched flange without deleting or disturbing the child features in Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-121906: Integrate Option in Sketcher Mode in Wildfire 2.0

What is the Integrate option used for in the file menu in Sketcher Mode in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-121906: Making Changes to a Model in Wildfire (6 ans)

When we make changes to a model which is related to a drawing file some dimensions turn to a violet color showing that they are not updated.
Q2-121506: Education

Can anyone tell me what sort of area I must concentrate on Pro/E as I am very much strong in mathematics, mechanical theories and technical concepts.
Q1-121506: Uninstall

How can I uninstall all Pro/E Student Edition files so I can install from scratch. I uninstalled and it still shows some files with Pro/E on them. I can't delete them.
Q2-121406: Exporting Objects

OBJ (0 triangles have been written in output file) Wildfire 3.0 I have converted many parts to obj files with good results.
Q2-121306: Model a Spour Gear (1 ans)

How do I model a spour gear in Pro/E 2001?
Q1-121306: Open Education Version

How do you open the education version of files downloaded from in Wildfire 2?
Q3-120806: Convert a Machine Drawing into a Casting Drawing

How to create or convert machine drawing into casting drawing in Pro/E Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-120806: Using Pattern in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

I am trying to make a rotor and trying to add vents on the flat surface of the rotor in Wildfire 3.0.
Q1-120806: 3-D Curves in Wildfire 3.0 (9 ans)

How do I create a 3-d curve using Sketcher in Wildfire 3.0?
Q3-120706: Chamfer on Sheet Metal in Wildfire 2.0 (2 ans)

Is there a way to make a chamfer on an edge of a sheet metal part using a punch or a die in Wildfire 2.0?
Q2-120706: Compatibility Between Wildfire 2 and 3 Student

I have the Wildfire 3 Student Edition but my engineering school still uses Wildfire 2.
Q1-120706: Data Migration in Wildfire 2.0

In Data Migration, while doing feature based conversion from existing 3D CAD model (native), 1. What is the procedure has to be followed? 2. How could check the edge condition? 3. What are all the basic errors usually ahead? 4. Remodeling technique?
Q2-120506: Mirror in Wildfire 2.0 (1 ans)

What is the difference between Edit-Mirror and Edit-Feature Operations-Copy-Mirror in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-120506: Modeling a Car Body in Pro/E Wildfire 3.0 (3 ans)

How can I model the car body in Pro/E Wildfire 3.0?
Q4-120406: Hatching Options in Wildfire 3.0 (1 ans)

How can I modify the spacing in hatching in Pro/E Wildfire 3.0?
Q3-120406: Screw Insertion Mechanism in Pro/E 2.0

How can I simulate a screw insertion mechanism (currently using slot follower) without using servo motor to drive the mechanism in Pro/E 2.0?
Q2-120406: Color Codes in Pro/E Wildfire 2.0

Where can I obtain the color codes for more realistic colors for Pro/E Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-120406: Modeling a Beveled Gear in Pro/E

I need help modeling a beveled gear in Pro/E.
Q1-120106: Repairing an IGS File in Pro/E (2 ans)

How can I repair the IGS file for analysis software in Pro/E?
Q1-112906: BaaN X in Pro/E Wildfire 2.0

In our company we use the BaaN system with product configurator for configuring different products. We have got a generic product structure that consists of data about product features and options, product constraints, generic item data, generic bill of material and generic routings.
Q2-112706: Making a Die in Sheet Metal in Pro/E

How do you make a Die in Sheet Metal using the Form Tool in Pro/E?
Q1-112706: Geometry Creation in Wildfire 2.0 (7 ans)

I am creating a six-flute endmill, how do I get my profile to follow the axis of the cylinder, and follow a datum curve on the diameter in Wildfire 2.0?
Q4-112006: Publish Geometry in Pro/E

How can I use Publish Geometry in Pro/E efficiently?
Q3-112006: Help with Wildfire 3.0 Student Edition

If you have access to this, I could use your assistance. I am having difficulty with some parts made in version 2. I would like to know if the same problem occurs in version 3.
Q2-112006: Update in DTL File in Wildfire 2.0

How do I update the "DTL" drawing file for modifying the line style of Bend Axis (sheetmetal) alone in Wildfire 2.0?
Q1-112006: Protrusions in Assembly Mode in Wildfire (2 ans)

Is it possible to make protrusions (not an extrusion intersection, or cuts) in assembly MODE in Wildfire 3.0?
Q1-111506: Dual Dimensions in Wildfire 3.0 (4 ans)

I'm trying to dual dimension (inch, mm) on my drawing but the dual dimension properties are grayed out and can't be chosen in Wildfire 3.0.
Q1-080206: Bevel Gear Design in Pro/E Wildfire (3 ans)

How can I model bevel gear in Pro/E Wildfire?